What Coco Likes – An Interview with Emily Peers

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Emily Peers on Gluten-Free Lifestyle, the low FODMAP diet and her love for Baking

Happy Sunday RWYK Family!!

Our guest today is Emily Peers, a mom and a driving force behind “What Coco Likes“.  Emily is here to share with us her goal behind creating “What Coco Likes” Facebook page, what she likes + how she is learning from a gluten-free lifestyle, motherhood and her addiction to sweets!

Tune in as Emily describes what a low FODMAP diet is, how does it help to cut down on specific sugar types and avoid tummy pain and discomfort. Emily and Jed further discuss some of the most important benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices.


Here’s a note from Emily Peers

Emily PeersI was diagnosed with non-ceiliac gluten intolerance in 2013.  Not only did I have to change my diet to be gluten free, I also had to follow other diet restrictions like no soy, no corn, and low FODMAP.  I was totally overwhelmed, frustrated and had no idea where to start! Thankfully, with guidance from my Dietitian, she helped me navigate this new world.  Now I want to help others who may be struggling and scared trying to find their way with their new diet.  Cause I’ve been there and it is scary and daunting! Which foods, ingredients and recipes are the best? Which ones actually taste delicious and don’t taste like cardboard?! Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods, recipes or your sweet tooth. 😉


Facebook page is www.facebook.com/whatcocolikes/

Her Instagram name is what_coco_likes


In this interview, we discuss

  • The inspiration behind creating “What Coco Likes”
  • What Is a Low FODMAP Diet?
  • What can you eat on a Fodmap diet?

  • Why is it important to make good health decisions and stay healthy?

  • Emily shares some of the delicious recipes to encourage families to cook together.
  • Some of her favorite books that she enjoyed reading with her kids


A big Thank You to Emily Peers for talking to us and sharing her love of baking with our listeners!


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