Lets Talk Gladys Glasses & Stanley No Stripes

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Meet Harry E. Pacheco – Author of Anti-Bullying 5 Book Series

Happy Thursday everyone! In today’s episode, we’re discussing a topic that is very close to our heart and if you have been our listener for a long time you would know that we have introduced so many Anti-Bullying books to our listeners.  As we all know, talking with kids about this subject is hard and the best way to deal with this situation is to read a book to your kids to help get those tough conversations started.

In our exciting interview, we’re delighted to feature debut author Harry Pacheco to talk about his wonderful picture books series that focuses on teasing, self-esteem and acceptance

So Here’s an effervescently deep conversation between our beloved children’s book author and our host Jed Doherty and a very talented author Harry Pacheco.  Listen in as they discuss Harry’s wonderful picture books Gladdy’s Glasses and Stanley No Stripes– a cute yet informative book that teaches kids not to bully and accept people for who they are irrespective of their colour, race and religion. Be sure to tune in & you’ll be so glad you did!


Here’s some information about Harry E. Pacheco

HARRY E.PACHECOHarry E. Pacheco is an upcoming author that has put his first love of music aside to pursue his new found talent of writing children’s books. His main goal is to spread a much needed awareness to those young kids whose minds are still growing. He finds it important to spread the message of acceptance, regardless of race, appearance, gender, religion, culture and even personality quirks. He plans to emphasise the importance of these everyday challenges that kids face on a daily basis. Harry takes his experience through his kids and from his own experiences as examples to share relatable and relevant stories that all deal with bullying. So that’s why he and his business   partner Rob Owens created this anti-bullying 5 book series. Please support our Anti -bullying books for every book you buy from us  proceeds go to giving free books to neighbourhood schools to spread anti-bullying awareness to our  schools and communities.


More about Gladys Glasses

Harry E. Pacheco Created Gladys Glasses to educated children k-5th graders not to bully. This book is a must read for young kids and parents as Gladys Glasses not only teaches kids about not bullying but also it also provides an opportunity to talk to your kids about how to cope with bullying, self-confidence, courage, bravery and much more.



More about Stanley No Stripes 




Anti-Bullying Book K- 6th grade From The creator of Gladys Glasses.you will enjoy this book!!



In this episode, you’ll learn

  • More about Harry E. Pacheco and his books Gladys Glasses and Stanley No Stripes from his collection of 5 Anti-Bullying books
  • Main characters and story line of both the books, a brief synopsis of the other three books in his series
  • Motivation behind writing his Anti-Bullying children’s book series, upcoming projects and some interesting facts about his books
  • Jed discusses some of the great benefits reading has and much more. Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


Looking for a great picture book to start the conversation with your kids about bullying? Click the below link to buy your copy of the Gladdy’s Glasses and Stanley No Stripes today…



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You can discover more about Nic and her book by visiting

His website: https://www.harryepacheco.com/


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