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The Destiny Trilogy Series

RWYK Author Interview with Cris Pasqueralle

Happy Sunday everyone! Today at Reading With Your Kids Podcast, we’re excited to welcome  Cris Pasqueralle, author of a delightful middle grade fantasy series The Destiny Trilogy Series. Those of you who love to read fantasy always hunger for another quest or adventure. If you or someone you know has this problem, this series is for you!

Tune in to this exciting episode as Cris talks about all the three books in his series titled Destiny RevealedPaths of Destiny and  Quest for Destiny, describes the main characters, Discusses what inspired him to become a writer, what lesson would he like middle graders to take away from his books, what are a few of his latest titles, What are some of his upcoming projects & much more! Be sure to listen in & enjoy!


Here’s more information about Cris Pasqueralle

Cris Pasqueralle

Author Cris Pasqueralle was born and raised on Long Island New York and continues to live there with his wife and two daughters. Cris believes in the importance of family and it comes through in his writing as he passes on the lesson to younger readers that family can be a great source of inspiration, encouragement, and guidance.



More about Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy Series Book)

On the day of their thirteenth birthdays, twins Jack and Maddie Austin receive a special gift from their wizard relative Uncle Benny: two necklaces, along with a note shrouded in secrecy. The celebration is interrupted by three intruders, led by the evil being Tardon, who kidnaps the twin’s parents. Uncle Benny manages to escape with the twins and later, reveals the truth behind both their gifts and identities: that Jack and Maddie are powerful wizards from the magical realm. Now, faced with the decision of a lifetime, they must return to that realm, rescue their parents and save all the realms from imminent doom.


More about Paths of Destiny (The Destiny Trilogy Series) (Volume 2)

WALK THE PATH, TOGETHER Wizard twins Jack and Maddie Austin have been separated, finding their own paths while discovering their powers. In this continuation of Destiny Revealed, Jack wants nothing more than to defeat the evil Tardon, a constant threat to his family’s lives, but Maddie has been given a different perspective. Only when the two are reunited can the truth be exposed. As new friends and enemies join the adventure, only one thing is certain: the twins are stronger when they’re together, and together, they can defeat evil once and for all.


More about Quest for Destiny (The Destiny Trilogy Series) (Volume 3)

True Destiny Is Finally Revealed! Jack and Maddie have finally accepted their roles in the course of history that will change both their’s and the magical realms forever. Spurred on by the urging of their families, they have purged their fears and adopted the practice of hero-ship, embracing the future as something they can manipulate as easily as magic itself. The ultimate reality stands before them: Tardon must be stopped! As it will not be an easy feat, Jack and Maddie must ban together with friends and family to wage a fantastic magical war never seen or experienced before, as they stand at the precipices of both of their world colliding. But as their powers continue to evolve and new evils emerge, with death looming around every corner, one final question remains: will the twins accept their fate as heroes, or will they be converted to the darkness in their quest for destiny?


Are you looking for a powerful, intense, imaginative and refreshing children’s fantasy book? Here is a link to own your copy of Cris Pasqueralle’s Destiny Trilogy Series



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A big thank you to Cris Pasqueralle for joining us and for sharing his books & passion with us!


Finally, where can we find Cris on the internet?



Twitter: @cpasqueralle


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