It’s a Playgroup Time with Three Best Friends!

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RWYK Author Interview: Robbin W Miller

Do you have a kid in your family or circle of friends with a disability?or maybe you’re searching for a special needs children’s book that allows your child to see a character that looks like him or her? Worry no more, Reading with Your Kids Podcast is here to help you find the right books for all your needs!

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about two important children’s picture books that explains disabilities to your child and help them understand differences among people and how to be a friend to those who are different than they are. These books are titled Playgroup Time! and Three Best Friends written By Robbin W Miller and illustrated by Peipei.

This episode is full of important information and essential advise for all the parents out there. Be sure to tune in!


Here’s more information about our guest Robbin Miller

Robbin MillerRobbin is a mother of a six year old boy named EJ who attended a structured playgroup in early intervention when he was five months old. Though EJ screened out to be eligible for early intervention as a baby, Robbin wanted EJ to participate in an active playgroup that focused on building social, cognitive, and fine and motor gross skills development with other babies with/out disabilities. This is Robbin’s first picture book for children. It took her four years to produce this quality and colorful book for children and for their parents.

This book is also recommended for staff at early intervention sites to promote their programs to prospective parents and paediatric medical professionals. Furthermore, it is hoped that this picture book will encourage new parents to bring their children to early intervention playgroups that are available for all children to attend. What a wonderful way for very young children to have “an active workout” in building their cognitive, social, and fine and motor gross development skills with other children. Robbin is also a licensed mental health counselor in private practice and serves as an adjunct faculty member for a local community college. Robbin is also married as she dedicates her picture book to her husband, EJ, and to her mother who passed away earlier this year from cancer.


More about Playgroup Time! 

EJ meets a new friend, Lewis, in a weekly playgroup who is crying and clinging to his mother. EJ runs over with a big smile on his face to show Lewis how much fun playgroup can be through adventure and a few itty bitty mishaps to make new friends.




More about Three Best Friends

Max and his two best friends can’t wait to play together in their new community playground. The ribbon is cut and Max’s wheelchair gets stuck in the wood flooring. Feeling shame and humiliation, he struggles to find a way to fit in despite being bullied by two boys in the playground. Will Max find a way to fit in?




Looking for a children’s book to promote inclusion and help kids be more confident? Here is the link to buy your own copy of Playgroup Time & Three Best Friends



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In this interview, we discussed

  • More about Playgroup Time! and Three Best Friends
  • Robbin shares the common theme for both her books are Inclusion and Diversity.
  • She further describes the story line, main characters of her books and what inspired her to write her stories
  • Jed and Robbin talk about reader expectations from her book, reactions to her work, her passion, and what exciting things she has planned for the rest of the year. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!


A big thank you to Robbin Millers for joining us and for sharing her books & her passion with us!

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Finally, where can we find Robbin & her books





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