Introducing “Why Did You Choose Me?” by Katie Cruice Smith

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Katie Cruice Smith, Writer, Editor, Book-Lover & Children’s Book Author on “Why Did You Choose Me?”



Hey there, Welcome back to the iTunes #1 kids & family podcast!

Our guest today is Katie Cruice Smith who describes herself as a child of God. She says she was blessed to come to know Him as her personal Savior when she was just 5 years old! God has blessed her with a wonderful husband, Jamie, who puts up with all of my crazy ideas. They became parents (through the wonderful path of adoption) to a beautiful daughter, Hannah, who is teaching her how to mother in God’s grace; a handsome little boy, Ephraim, who keeps them all laughing; and bossy, sweet-natured Harmony, who is never boring!

Katie is joining us on the Reading with Your Kids podcast to promote her latest children’s picture book Why Did You Choose Me? Katie’s book is aimed at helping parents to connect with their adopted and fostered children.

Listen in as Katie shares exclusive details about her book, her experience of entering the rocky world of foster parenting! She explains how they are enjoying the ups and downs of being parents and look forward to meeting others who are on the same unpredictable journey of parenthood that they are!

It was such fun to get to ask Katie a few questions about her children’s book, and how she devised such a creative story.


About the Author

Katie Cruice SmithKatie Cruice Smith is a freelance writer, journalist, and editor, and she resides in the Upstate of South Carolina with her husband and three adopted children. Katie is an adoption and foster care advocate, and she and her husband have licensed foster parents and the founders of their church’s orphan ministry. She is currently working on a devotional book to accompany Why Did You Choose Me?


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More about Why Did You Choose Me?

Why Did You Choose Me? by [Smith, Katie Cruice]Most adoptive and foster children struggle at some point in their life by knowing who they are and where they belong. They want to ask questions, and parents need to be prepared with an answer that helps their child feel loved and secure.

After searching for adoption storybooks to read to her own adopted children, Katie Cruice Smith decided that there was a need for more books that parents could read at bedtime to connect with their adopted and fostered children.
In Why Did You Choose Me?, Katie Cruice Smith answers that question in a way that young children can understand. Drawing from her own experience as an adoptive mom to three children, Katie uses the questions her own children have asked to help them see there never really was a choice—she knew right away that they were hers.
With beautiful illustrations by artist Sarah Strickling Jones, Why Did You Choose Me? lovingly demonstrates the uniqueness that each child brings to a family.


Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today!



In this episode of theReading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • More about Why Did You Choose Me?
  • What was Katie’s inspiration for writing this book?
  • What would Katie like her readers to remember most about her book?
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading Why Did You Choose Me?
  • Importance of spending time with kids, What is Katie currently working on, future projects and more……Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


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Choose an Award-Winning Subscription Designed by Parents and Educators for Curious Kids. Visit for Creative & Fun Ways for Your Kids to Explore the World!

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