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Reading with Your Kids – Interview & Book Review with Leslea Wahl

Hey everyone,

In this meaty episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, We are overjoyed to be joined by Leslea Wahl, author of Secrets AnthologySecrets: Visible and Invisible is a collection of short stories by seven authors.

Leslea is joining us today to talk about her new book Where We Lead and to share with us some of her favorite Action & adventure fiction reads of all time. Action & adventure fiction is a great way for children to experience the thrill, and be engaged at the same time so tune in to learn about some of the great action adventure books for teen & young adults that you can read with your family.

Here’s some more information about Leslea Wahl

Leslea WahlLeslea lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and three children. Their own life of adventure includes traveling, skiing, and scuba diving. Leslea strives to write fiction that will inspire readers to use their own talents and gifts to glorify God. Leslie has been a creator of stories with ideas swirling through her head. She is thrilled now to be able to share some of them with others. For many years she has been driven by a belief that our purpose in life is to use our gifts to glorify God and lead others to Him. She feels blessed to have found a way to intertwine her two passions by creating adventurous stories with positive Christian messages for today’s youth. Not only does she hopes to entertain with her writing, but also to inspire others to find their gifts as well.

Books from this Episode

MindWar (The MindWar Trilogy) by Andrew Klavan

Purchase Link: Amazon

The New Recruit: Liam Scott Book

The New Recruit

Amazon Link:


Learn more about Where You Lead by Leslea wahl

Where You Lead by [Wahl, Leslea]

Sixteen-year-old Eve Donahue’s lonely existence changes in an instant when visions of a mysterious stranger haunt her. Certain God is calling her for a mission, she bravely says yes and begins her quest to meet this young man.

Thousands of miles away, Nick Hammond has been dealing with his own unusual experience, an unwavering certainness to convince his father to run for political office.

When these two unlikely teens finally meet, their belief that God has called them to work together sets them on a journey of faith to untangle a web of deception involving international trade agreements, lost Confederate gold, and a blossoming romance. As they follow century-old clues, they realize God can call us all in big and small ways. We just need to listen and say “Yes Lord, I will go where You lead.”



A big thank you to Leslea Wahl for sharing this wonderful books with us and for joining us on the Reading with your kids podcast!



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