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Reading with Your Kids Podcast with Dr. Paul Semendinger

Hey everyone! Today, we’re super excited to welcome Dr. Paul Semendinger. He is an author of  children’s books & Principal of an elementary school in the Ridgewood. Tune in as Principal Paul talks about  his positive, warm, child-centered, and fun books in the Principal Sam Series, his inspiration, next book, and more!

Here’s more information about Dr. Paul Semendinger

Dr. Semendinger is a passionate educator who, in his close to thirty years has served in almost every capacity – teacher, vice principal, principal, and college professor. Dr. Sem currently serves as the principal of the most wonderful elementary school in the world!

An accomplished speaker and original thinker, Dr. Semendinger also shares his insight with educators across the country at conferences and workshops.

As a writer, Dr. Semendinger demonstrates great diversity in style. He has penned numerous picture books, but is also an accomplish essayist. Dr. Semendinger’s first book of essays, “Impossible is an Illusion” is now available. Dr. Semendinger also writes about baseball for a popular New York Yankees Blog. His original history of the NY Yankees will be published soon.

More than all of this, Dr. Semendinger is a devoted husband and the proud father of three wonderful sons. It is Dr. Semendinger’s family that brings him the most joy.

More about Principal Sam Series

Principal Sam is the main character in a new series of picture books for children in the early elementary grades.

Principal Sam works at Sunnyside School.  An excellent school leader, Principal Sam works hard to make his school one that is a positive and enjoyable place of learning for children.  As such, he is loved and respected by all.  There’s only one problem, Principal Sam is forgetful and he often confuses simple things.  When this happens, the children and the teachers in the school often come to Principal’s Sam’s assistance.

Children will delight in reading about Principal Sam’s exploits and in figuring out his mistakes before he does.  The Principal Sam books are happy, positive, and very engaging. There are more Principal Sam books that follow these additional titles; it’s a growing series!



In this episode:

  • Dr. Paul also talks about his collection of motivational writings titled “Impossible is an Illusion.” This book contains more than 40 of his best essays and has been published by Ravenswood Publishing.  This book is now available on Amazon!
  • Dr. Paul shares inspiration for his stories and gives us a sneak peek into his upcoming book, Principal Sam and the Three Bears in the Principal Sam series & more.

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Finally, where can we find Dr. Paul Semendinger?

Visit his website

Twitter: @DrPaulRSem

Amazon Page: Sam


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