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Meet Dennis Knapp, The Medieval Dude & the author of Alfred’s Dragon

Hello listeners, Welcome back to another episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Dennis Knapp, The Medieval Dude and the author of a wonderful children’s book that has been named a RWYK Certified Great Read titled Alfred’s Dragon.

Alfred’s Dragon is a cute story set in medieval times that follows a young boy named Alfred who loves listening to tales of dragon sightings and imagines himself as a fearless Knight. Dennis’s book teaches kids to be brave and imaginative. We are so excited to speak with Dennis today and we highly recommend this book to parents, teachers, family and friends to share with their little one!

We hope you enjoy this episode and have some takeaways from it. We’ll catch you all tomorrow!

More about Dennis Knapp

Dennis Knapp is The Medieval Dude.

Dennis KnappAnd, the Medieval Dude is the real deal – no history buffery here!  With a master’s degree in Military History from Norwich University and a bachelor’s degree in History and Broadfield Social Studies from Cardinal Stritch University, Dennis Knapp provides a vast array of historical knowledge, using authentic historical artifacts and reproductions, along with a sense of humor and engaging style for history students
of all ages.

Dennis Knapp is cleared through LiveScan, and has over ten years of experience teaching, camp counseling and educating students from first grade to senior citizens.  An educator at heart, he is currently completing a second master’s degree in Curriculum Design from Ashford University.

An event with the Medieval Dude is fun with an educational purpose.  All lessons meet California State Standards for History while connecting the reality and authenticity of medieval history in a fun, interactive and hands-on experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Author Dennis Knapp is is a Medieval history educator who has dedicated his life to the advancement of innovative history curriculum that enhances and expands upon concepts taught in the classroom.


More about Alfred’s Dragon

Alfred's DragonDragons!!! Are they real? Join young knight-in-training Alfred, as a chance discovery leads him on a Medieval adventure filled with imagination and revelations both fun and fearsome! Alfred’s journey answers age old questions all young children (and some adults) have about Medieval dragons: Were they real? And why did those who lived during this time believe in these wondrous creatures?

Grab your copy of Alfred’s Dragon by clicking the link below and introduce your kids to the life in the middle Ages. The knights, the castles, the dragons….so exciting!



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In this episode, we discuss

  • Dennis explains the story behind how he became The Medieval Dude. His story shows that It is a story that shows that opportunities are created and earned, not gifted.
  • Where did Dennis get the idea to write the story of Alfred’s Dragon
  • He answers an age-old question – Are Dragons Real?
  • What kind of armour did Medieval men use and the great strength they had carry a heavy suit of mail, lance, sword, shield, and helmet.
  • What does Dennis hopes for the young readers to take away from his book, Future books in the Alfred’s Dragon Series & much more…Please enjoy the episode, this one is special!


A big thank you to Dennis Knapp for sharing his story and passion with us!


Finally, where can you find Dennis on the internet?


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