Pink Mink In A Sink, What Are You To Think?

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RWYK Interview with Author & Illustrator Aaron Parrott  Pink Mink In A Sink

Happy Sunday everyone! Today we’re super excited to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with author & illustrator of  wonderful rhyming children’s book Pink Mink In A Sink. This first children’s book written and illustrated by Aaron Parrott, the illustrator of the Flash Can’t Even series written by Kari Martindale. If you like your rhymes rhymey, your animals crazy, and are pretty much into silliness, Pink Mink In A Sink is for you.

In this conversation, which is important to note that this is much more of a conversation than an interview, we sprawl over so many different topics. Our chat ranges from how did Aaron get the idea for Pink Mink In A Sink and the inspiring story behind its creation , the truth about how Aaron felt initially about writing for children, upcoming books and more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


Here’s more information about Aaron Parrott

Aaron ParrottAaron Parrott has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, but his body of work is much more than drawing. He’s a graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist, musician, linguist, and cartoonist; his previous works include the webcomic “Goodbye Kitty”, the introspective series of artworks entitled “Personal Demons”, and illustrations for Alan Corson’s book “The Family Guide To Survival”. Aaron began working on the “Flash Can’t Even” children’s book series with author Kari Martindale in 2015, with the first two books released in 2017 and more to follow; Aaron’s first children’s book as an author, “Pink Mink In A Sink”, will be released in January 2018. Aaron lives in Wenatchee, Washington with his wife and incredibly adorable dog.


More about Pink Mink In A Sink

Pink Mink In A Sink When a pink mink gets in your sink, what are you to think? Why is he pink? How did he get in the sink? This loving ode to absurd rhyming children’s books uses whimsical and complex images that will delight kids and challenge their ability to guess and make inferences, while also giving adults a good chuckle here and there as well.


Click the link below to purchase a copy of Pink Mink In A Sink because rhyming picture books are just GREAT fun to read – with silly story lines and fun with language, A wonderful book for bedtime stories!


In this episode,

The busy bookmaker discusses his new work, The Flash Series, what makes a great picture book, and how these tiny works of art are for more than just for babies. There is so much information packed into this episode of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast, you do not want to miss a second of it. Hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as we did recording!


A big thank you to Aaron Parrott for joining us and for sharing his wonderful books with us!


For more information on Aaron and all his books, please visit

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