Jasper and Milo’s New Home

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Jasper and Milo’s New Home

Exclusive Interview with Author Lynn Emslie

We are so excited today to have this exclusive interview with  Lynn Emslie, author of delightful children’s book Jasper and Milo’s New Home. Jasper and Milo’s New Home is Lynn Emslie’s first book for children and her second book is in development. Her love of dogs has always been a large part of her life. Originally from Lancashire, she now lives in Somerset, England, with her husband and dogs.  Lynn is joining us today to talk about her delightful feel good story for young children aged between 0-5,  suitable for families with young children. This book would also be enjoyed by dog lovers everywhere!

Jasper and Milo’s New Home:

Jasper and Milo are puppies and live on a campsite with the rest of the litter. One day, a family arrives and prepares to take the brothers to their new home. Its about the journey to their new place, what it will be like to experience everything in the outside world for the first time & to live a life filled with new adventures & excitements everyday!


Tune in as Lynn shares her inspiration for writing Jasper and Milo’s New Home, she describes the main characters of her delightful tale and gives us a sneak peek into her second book named Jasper and Milo’s walk in the Park. She also talks about her career before becoming an author and explains Jasper and Milo were created as a part of her portfolio which has led her into a whole new world. Listen to this episode to know more about her journey of following her dreams, doing all sorts of things which interests her in life and more.  Be sure to listen to this episode & be sure to follow Lynn on her social media accounts!

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