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Congratulations to Ben Lancour. His new Picture Book Henry and the Gym Monster is our latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!!!

Let’s Look At The Book Blurb

All Henry wants to do is play games with his friends in the gym, but Manny, the P.E. monster, tricks him into playing HIS way. Henry needs to figure out how to defeat his monster before Manny grows to a size he can’t control.

This is the first-ever children’s picture book that addresses social skills deficits (in this case Taking Responsibility) in the gym setting.



About the Author

Ben Lancour graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, minoring in Adaptive PE. He later attended Holy Family College where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership.
He currently works in the Green Bay Area School District teaching elementary physical education. Prior to that position, his work in the area of special education was a big reason for the creation of Henry and Manny.
Along with his educational background and work history, Ben enjoys reading picture books with his kids as part of their bedtime routine, with his wife Stephanie. They live together in Appleton, Wisconsin. When the family isn’t reading, you can find them at the camper “Up North” during the summertime.

Here’s Our Review

Henry and the Gym Monster is a fun read that would be a welcome addition to any family or classroom library. Henry is like a lot of kids, he loves PE class. He dreams about dancing, playing soccer and doing curl ups. Unfortunately, when Henry gets to the gym he discovers Manny the Monster is there to urge him to act impulsively and ignore his teacher and the feelings of his classmates. And every time Henry earns a strike, Manny the Monster gets bigger and bigger. With the help of his PE teacher Henry learns that gym class is more fun when we listen, act respectfully and cooperate with others.

More than just a fun story, Henry and the Gym Monster is a wonderful way to start meaningful conversations with kids about self-control and making thoughtful choices in gym class and in life. It is also a great reminder that gym class is no longer all about sports, competition and dodge balls, it has evolved to be a class where kids learn important social skills and lessons about following directions, problem solving and working together with others.

Help Spread This Important Message

Henry and the Gym Monster is currently available as a E-Book. Ben is launching a Kickstarter campaign to make physical copies available to families. Please click this link to check out the campaign and consider being a part of the team that is sharing a meaningful message for kids who need a little extra guidance.


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