April 21, 2021 Newsletter

New Mini Series!

Tomorrow, April 22 is Earth day and we are celebrating by releasing our new mini series! We are focusing on way we can teach our kids about the planet and how they can help save it! Stay tuned for all of our exciting episodes! We will be pairing them with fun activities as well for the whole family!

Fun Videos for the whole Family

Talitha Shipman celebrates her picture book Finding Beauty. Talitha tells us you are beautiful from the top of your head to the tip of your toes–but beauty is far more than something you can have. It’s also something you have to find. In other people. In nature. In acts of kindness. In math, and art, and music, and sports.

Ruth Spiro is on the podcast to celebrate her delightful new picture book Maxine & the Greatest Garden Ever. We also talk about Ruth’s amazing Baby Loves Science series which teaches very young kids about gravity, engineering and quarks!

Educator & author Ben Lancour is on the podcast to celebrate his debut picture book Henry and the Gym Monster. Ben talks about the inspiration for writing a book that helps kids learn to make better decisions in the physical education setting. He also helps us understand how gym class has evolved.

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