December 9, 2020 Newsletter

December 9, 2020 Newsletter post thumbnail image

Book of the month

Looking for a book for your middler-schooler this holiday season? Look no further we have the book for you!

Set in a Florida trailer park, this middle-grade fantasy adventure follows a young boy named Bradley Nash who’s world turns upside down on his 12th birthday. The hunters are coming, and if Bradley doesn’t figure out exactly who and what he is, everything he’s ever known will be destroyed. Follow Bradley on his journey as he embarks on a quest to save himself and find his true power. Be prepared for a whirlwind adventure out there full of magic, mystery, and mayhem.

This book is awesome! Seriously, I could barely put it down – great characters, good plot lines, enough depth, and breadth to really get into it. And finally, a tale told fully that will have you biting your nails and turning pages as fast as you can. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a book so much.

Please, do yourself and your kids a favor and grab Bradley’s Dragons this holiday season!

What you missed

Such a fun time speaking with D Jude Miller. he is back on the show to celebrate his latest Children’s book Halloween Boy & The Christmas Kid. This is a hilarious book based on a real life, and really improbable friendship.

Sherry Howard returns to the podcast to introduce us to her new middle grade novel The Spirits Among Us. This is a thrilling tale of a wheelchair bound teen searching for ghosts and ways to connect with her deceased mom. This is a fun book to co-read with our tweens & teens

Sean Patrick O’Reilly & Dave Alvarez celebrate Randolph the Reindeer. When a beloved family heirloom is destroyed, an ex-hotshot reindeer must brave a deadly snowstorm to reach Santa’s workshop for a replacement before a family s Christmas is ruined forever. A touching and heartwarming Christmas tale with a positive message about friendship and family.

Looking for a game to buy your kid? Let us present you with Get the MacGuffin. 

Our friends at Looney Labs are back at it again with their latest game “Get the MacGuffin”. For those of you who don’t know this writer’s term the MacGuffin is an object that everyone wants often times with little or no explanation, examples of this include the Holy Grail, the Briefcase in Pulp Fiction or even the Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe. 

The rules for this game are very simple, each player is dealt no more than 5 cards, and each player must do one of 4 things; play an action card, play an object, use an object that was already played, or discard an object. You keep playing until you’re the last person standing with cards either in hand or on the table. And with only 23 cards it allows for fast paced gaming from 2-11 players.

“Get the MacGuffin” belongs in every game collection!

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