November 11, 2020 Newsletter

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What's Coming Up

Tune in this Friday, November 13th, to celebrate World Kindness Day with our special guest Monique Gray Smith. 

Check out her website here.

Also check out our friends at Wonder Crate. Tune in Friday and figure out how to enter for the chance to win a crate inspired by Sally Ride – first woman in space! 

What you missed

Do it together!

Gaming With Your Kids Make 7

Wondering what to get your kids this holiday season? 

Look no further!

At first glance the family STEM Game Make 7 may remind you and your kids of the classic game Connect Four. Both Connect Four and Make 7 involve dropping playing pieces into the game unit. However, there is a lot more to Make 7 than just getting four of your game pieces lined up in a row. The game is for two players and is recommended for players age 7 and above.

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