February 24, 2021 Newsletter

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Joining us today is Children’s Author and Slam Poet Martinique Mims. Martinique is on the podcast to celebrate her children’s book Through The Colors Of A Butterfly. This book is a story about a young girl named Unique who confronts her fears about being different in a new school. Martinique also talks about her role as a recruiter for the volunteer agency City year and one of her personal heroes from Black History.

Ta’Shay Mason is on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her moving #ChildrensBook But I Don’ Want To say Goodbye. This is a wonderful story that can help families talk through moments of grief and loss.

Children’s author Evette Davis is on this episode of Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate “The Adventures of Sunny”, a collaboration between mother and daughter.  This is a heart-warming conversation about the importance of family in the early development of children’s reading abilities and sense of identity. This 5-part children’s book series follows Sunny as he learns about himself, his family, and his world through the curious eyes of a child.

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