March 24, 2021 Newsletter

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If you are just discovering the wonderful Reading With Your Kids Podcast and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! We’ll give you a starter pack of hit episodes to introduce you to this fantastic show and community. Already, the Reading With Your Kids Podcast team has created over 1000 episodes, but you can start by checking out these past interviews with some famous guests.

LeVar Burton

Candace Cameron Bure

Karyn Parsons 

What you missed

Children’s author Brandi Pearce is on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her children’s book “Mommy’s Oven”. In this book, little August learns that his new baby brother isn’t going to come from “mommy’s oven” as his family dives into the miracle of surrogacy. August has lots of questions as mom and dad try to explain this special process and just how unique families can be. This fascinating conversation explores the vulnerable journey surrogacy is and acts as a fantastic resource.

Children’s author Yuliya Pankratova returns to Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her new #PictureBook “The Chameleon’s True Colors”. Her story follows a sad colorless chameleon as he explores the jungle in search of his own colors and learns a great deal about why color exists in nature along the way. The chameleon eventually learns how to share colors with others thanks to the kindness and empathy of the jungle. It’s a lovely conversation about the importance of teaching children sharing at a young age.

Children’s author Laurie Wallmark returns to Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her latest children’s book “Code Breaker”. She writes the story of code breaker Elizabeth Freedman who broke the famous Enigma code during WW2. It’s a fascinating conversation about women in STEM in history. Laurie hopes her book’s representation of women in STEM will encourage young girls to never settle for less than their dreams.

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