Hollywood Starter Pack!

If you are just discovering the wonderful Reading With Your Kids Podcast and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! We’ll give you a starter pack of hit episodes to introduce you to this fantastic show and community. Already, the Reading With Your Kids Podcast team has created over 1000 episodes, but you can start by checking out these past interviews with some famous guests:


LeVar Burton – Reading Rainbow, Star Trek TNG, Roots

LeVar Burton is known for many things. He first burst on to the scene as Kunta Kinte in the ground breaking 1977 mini series Roots. SciFi fans no doubt remember him in his role as Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  And of course reading fans around the World remember Levar as the host of the children’s television show “Reading Rainbow”. In this conversation, LeVar and Jed discuss his many literacy projects and his philosophy for empowering kids to become curious, global citizens. LeVar sees reading as the route to emancipation and true freedom. By fostering a love for the written word, LeVar asserts that we can foster a better world for our children to inherit. Listen along to these passionate literacy advocates for an engaging discussion where you can learn something new and have fun too!


Candace Cameron Bure – Full House, Fuller House, a ton of Hallmark Channel Movies

You might recognize this guest as D.J. Tanner from the classic shows Full House and Fuller House, or from any of the countless other projects she’s done. Now she is the hit children’s author of  “Candace Center Stage”, a story where a little girl with a big personality must learn to not be scared of hard work or the possibility of failure. Candace and Jed ponder about letting kids experience hardship and failure so they can learn vital lessons early on that will help them become more successful and mature. Check out this episode to learn more about how reading with your kids can help you teach your child those valuable skills and more!


Karyn Parsons – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Karyn Parsons might be best recognized for her role as Hilary Banks in the sitcom Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, but now you can also know her by her middle-school level book “How High The Moon”. This novel follows a young, light-skinned Black girl growing up in the Jim Crow South on a journey of discovering what family and community mean to her while incorporating the tragic tale of George Stinny Jr. While difficult, talking to kids about race issues is necessary so that kids have a safe place to ask questions and understand our history. Karyn also tackles this goal through her nonprofit Sweet Blackberry which aspires to make stories of African American achievement known. Learn more about all the great work and wisdom Karyn has to offer in the full episode!


Dina Sherman – Voice Over Actor

Dina Sherman is an award-winning voice actress with a long and diverse filmography. Her voice has been heard on Days Of Our Lives, The Power Rangers and Bleach. She now lends her vocal skills to the telling of the miracle tale of Hanukkah! She teaches Jed all about this holy Jewish holiday and some of its traditions so that we can celebrate the similarities and differences of religions in America. Dina also teaches us how to become more engaging storytellers through learning how to share a story rather than just tell it. Being excited to share something (even if for the tenth time) with your kids is the first step to being a captivating storyteller. Dina shares tools from her trade as a voice actor and Jed shares his experiences as a children’s magician that are sure to pep up reading time for the kids and parents alike!

And if you like what you hear, check out the rest of the show with new episodes coming out multiple times a week! Available wherever you get your podcasts! If you REALLY love what you hear (and why wouldn’t you!), feel free to like and follow us on social media for all the latest updates. Stay well and keep reading!

Written by Hannah Pat Oboyski

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