January 27, 2021 Newsletter

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Celebrating Dr Martin Luther King JR

In honor of Dr. ML King Day, we take a look back at our very powerful & thought-provoking interview with Nic Stone about her Novel “Dear Martin” 

Reading In The New Year

I just want to be super! By Andrew Katz

Just Between Sam & Me

Our Journey with Sensory Issues

Who are our heroes

Cat Michaels & Rosie Russell are on the podcast to celebrate their new middle grade novel Just Between Sam & Me. This is a powerful look at the challenges many kids experience in middle school.

Author & educator Gin Noon Spaulding is on the show to celebrate her “Adventures of Li Li” picture book series. She also shares her family’s journey with sensory issues. Reading these children’s books aloud with your kids is a great way to start important conversations about people with sensory issues

Eliana Melmed is on the podcast to celebrate her debut picture book “Who Are Our Heroes”. This book offers families a great place to begin a conversation about the real heroes in our lives, to help kids understand that we are surrounded by courageous people doing the jobs we need them to do so that we can live, learn and love.

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