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Congratulations To Muriel Fitzpatrick!

Her New Children’s Book “I Am Nuclear Fusion” Is Our Latest Certified Great Read!

Let’s Look At The Book Blurb

Rita is a seven-year-old little girl who has two talented best friends, Emma and Lily, but feels that she doesn’t have any special talent-she isn’t a star like they are. Though she loves her friends, she wishes she could be the very best at something.

Rita begins writing her own story, describing Emma and Lily and their gifts. As she goes through her tale in four different variations, she includes commentary in between, explaining what her teacher is asking her to change about her writing. The lesson that Rita learns is the same throughout: that she will keep trying to become a star by building up atoms through nuclear fusion. By being kind and helping and encouraging others and by not giving up on her own dreams, she is becoming the best version of herself that she can be, and she hopes to shine as she gets older. What’s more, Rita is learning how to exercise her own gift: writing.

Offering an interactive experience for young readers that can be used to help them develop their own writing journey, this children’s story shows how Rita deals with not being a star today.

About The Author

Muriel Fitzpatrick resides in Cape Cod Massachusetts presently. Originally Muriel worked as an accountant for Panasonic but retired to begin raising her family. Muriel lived in various states in the US and spent 10 years in Puerto Rico. In 2007 Muriel entered the education system. She earned her Masters in Regular and Special Education from Saint Thomas Aquinas College in NY. After working with primary age students she wanted to explore ways in which she could help struggling students to read. She returned to Fairleigh Dickinson University to receive her certification In Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory education. After 10 years in the education system Muriel decided she would like to try her hand at authoring children’s book. Muriel’s other hobbies include quilting, golf, walking, bike riding, pickle ball and basically anything she can do with her children and grandchildren. She has a deep love for children and children’s literature.

Here Is Our Review!

So Much To Love About I Am Nuclear Fusion!

I Am Nuclear Fusion by Muriel Fitzpatrick is more than a cute bedtime story. It is an inspirational story, reminding kids that they are loved and that even though they may not see it now, that they can grow up to do great things and shine like a star. It also provides kids with a view of how a great story is created.

The main character of the book is Rita, a young girl who does not feel special, that she is not a star like her friends. We hear Rita tell her story four different times. And at the end of each telling Rita’s teacher tells her how she can make the story better by adding details and action and color.

We also love that I Am Nuclear Fusion celebrates diversity. Rita and her friends love each other, despite being of different races, having different interests and abilities.

Final Verdict

I Am Nuclear Fusion can be the catalyst that will inspire important family conversations about self love, the importance of being kind and dreaming. It would be a great addition to any family library.

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