Let’s Learn “The Science of Santa Claus” from M G Knight!!

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Jedlie In Conversation with M G Knight, the Author of The Science of Santa Claus

Hey there,

We’re thrilled to have author M G Knight from the south of the Uk to talk about his latest children’s book, The Science of Santa Claus.

Listen in as Knight has a heart to heart conversation with Jed about his children’s book, his inspiration for writing this book and shares some of his thoughts on writing this lovely little gem of a book. Knight also talks about encouraging young readers to delve into the science fact, through an amazing series of stories, that blend every day with the incredible. Be sure to join in for all the fun!

More about the author

M G KnightMG Knight, father of three from the south of the UK has had a lifelong passion for futuristic fiction. That and his amazing family have inspired him to create this book, applying the knowledge gained from a career in technology along with a fascination for how the sci-fi of his childhood is becoming the reality of today. He hopes to encourage young readers to delve into the science fact behind his work and be inspired as the next generation of innovators, through an amazing series of stories, that blend every day with the incredible.


You can find all of the information regarding MG Knight and his book on


Twitter: @author_knight



The Science of Santa Claus

Can a budding young scientist protect the ancient secrets of a saint whilst saving his family from a terrible hidden danger?

The Science of Santa Claus (The Winter Family Saga Book 1)Oliver Winter has the January blues. His sister hates him, his parents are always at work and his keen mind sees through every fairy tale he was ever told. But one night, a mysterious stranger taps at his bedroom window and blows his world apart. Recruited by Enzo, a top agent of the mysterious Order of St. Nicholas, Oliver solemnly promises to do good all year round.

It seems though that not all children have the right stuff. When older sister Megan falls under the spell of the sinister Arthur MacGregor, sworn to discredit and destroy The Order, the entire Winter family are drawn into a perilous adventure. If Oliver and Enzo can’t stop MacGregor’s misfit band, a disturbing twisting of technology threatens to shatter the world.

The Science of Santa Claus is the first book in the incredible saga of the Winter Family. If you know a curious youngster who loves real-world science, cool technology and wants to inspire family fun and further learning, then get on board.

Gift this heart-warming book that they’ll come back to again and again throughout the year!



In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to an award-winning children’s books author, M G Knight
  • Knight with us a bit more about his children’s book, The Science of Santa Claus
  • What has been his reader’s reactions to his book?
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading The Science of Santa Claus
  • What is Knight currently working on, his future projects and much more…Be sure to tune in for all the great insights



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