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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review –Flabby Abby Beach Ball, written & Illustrated by George Neeb

5 stars

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Bullying is a serious and distressing experience but unfortunately, bullying is a common part of childhood. So when we got an opportunity to read and review Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself, We knew one thing for sure: this book truly deserves the title of our certified great read!

Flabby Abby Beach Ball is a gem!  We hope this latest addition to our Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read will be a helpful tool in talking to your kids about how being yourself and being unique is actually a really great thing.

We hope you and your family enjoy reading this book as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself

“Abby Beech loved dressing up in superhero style! With her mask, long cape and tights, she always had a smile!”

“Neeb’s illustrations are imaginative, original and grand fun…” – Readers’ Favorite

Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being YourselfAbby Beech wants to be a superhero. She loves running around her neighborhood in her cape and tights. But her mother would rather Abby act like other girls her age and the kids at Abby’s new school tease her for being different. Until one day when Abby’s heroic actions make her instantly popular and everything changes!

Meet lovable Abby as she learns to deal with bullying, body shaming, self-esteem and making healthy friendships in a rhyming story with colorful cut and dyed paper illustrations!

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Here’s more information about George Neeb

George NeebGeorge Neeb lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He has taught elementary school for over 25 years and especially enjoys teaching Visual Art. He can usually be found walking along the Grand River, traveling to new places, learning about history and art, spending time at his cabin by a lake, and enjoying his family.

Finally, where can we find George on the internet?

Visit his website: https://georgeneeb.ca/

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Our Review

“An Empowering resource for kids that teaches how to handle and combat bullying!”

Do you want to read a book to your kids that teaches them to believe in themselves? We think that “Flabby Abby Beach Ball” written and illustrated by George Neeb, is a wonderful book for children and even adults who worry about what other people will think of them. The subject is a little girl who is plump. Abby Beach loves dressing up in a superhero style. Her costume has a mask, long cape, and tights. She loves running around her neighborhood and helping people in need. She is often referred by other kids as “Fat, obese and chubby”. She doesn’t mind and remains unwavering and confident through it.

But then Abby has to start in a new school. Two horrible mean girls named Melanie and Meera picks on her on the very first day, but Abby knows just what to do about that. During her first week of school, her classmates and mean girls taunts Abby Beach in the dull-witted but sharp-edged manner of career bullies, calling her “Flabby Abby Beach Ball” and “super zero.” Abby barely flinches as she not only systematically sets out to prove herself but also stand up for others, and the mean girls end up feeling pretty foolish.  Any child who is less than perfect will cheer with joy to meet Abby Beach, a girl who doesn’t let anything–or anyone–shake her belief in herself.

The story is simple and fun, and best of all, this book gives you ample opportunity to discuss how bullying begins and how to shut it down. Being different is hard and seeing other kids being brave and celebrating themselves for who they are is a powerful tool for any child.  It beautifully instills important lessons in kids about embracing differences, the power of standing up for others, and empathy.

This is the best anti-bullying book we’ve seen for young kids. It’s adorably written about standing up for yourself and taking a stand against bullies for others. Parents can use to teach kids about bullying, an issue that often rears its head at the beginning of a new school year. It is a wonderful book that instills in children confidence in being themselves no matter what others might think.

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. The colors look stunning on the colorful background made from wetting crepe paper and allowing the dye in the crepe paper to run or bleed onto white paper.  The painted style conveys movement really well. The illustrations and use of color wonderfully depict the changing feelings of all the characters.

Final Verdict

The overall message is that all are welcome, and it is delivered in the most entertaining, delightful way possible. Flabby Abby Beach Ball celebrates children who are a little or a lot different and will inspire children to embrace who they are.

Flabby Abby Beach Ball

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Flabby Abby Beach Ball: A Story About Being Yourself


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