“Being happy with Nevis” by Christian-Lothar Ludwig

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Author Christian-Lothar Ludwig on his rhyming picture book “Being happy with Nevis” 

Happy Sunday RWYK Family!

Our guest today is joining us from the beautiful country of Germany. His name is Christian-Lothar Ludwig. Christian is joining us on the podcast to celebrate the release of his rhyming picture book, Being happy with Nevis.

Being happy with Nevis is a rhymed book that tells the story of a butterfly stuck in his cocoon – as he ate too much as a caterpillar. Nevis is therefore unhappy and a loner. With some help from his parents, he figures how to enjoy every moment of his life. He starts to participate in activities and learns to enjoy life. The story is rhymed and one big poem.

In his books, Christian write in an eclectic way about personal development and self-discovery, as well as the countless little things, that go with the territory. In his blog, He has also written about his travels and the inspiration he found. It hides innumerable approaches, which should facilitate the development of personality – but: you have to think about his words for and by yourself. Be sure to tune in!


Here’s a note from the author

Christian-Lothar LudwigI was born in Romania in 1986 and moved to Germany as a child. Professionally, I worked as a CNC-operator and as a project- and process-engineer. In search of my vocation and meaning in life, I discovered the path of self-discovery years ago. By now, I understand this path and can offer something, only I can: explain it precisely accurate. Self-discovery is, in my opinion, something very different, then everybody thinks.


In addition to writing, I spend my time traveling, playing billiards and darts and photographing. Otherwise, I like to listen to music and am interested in a few television series. But, my favorite is to spend time in the open air. My favorites are sunbathing, swimming and sitting around a campfire.


Finally, where can you find Christian-Lothar Ludwig on the internet?

Website: www.c-l-ludwig.com

Social Media Contacts

Instagram        Facebook


Learn more about “Being happy with Nevis”

Being happy with NevisThe story of a butterfly may not seem wild, but this tale was written to help every child. Nevis dreams about getting out of his cocoon, yet neither kicking nor screaming is helping soon. That’s how Nevis’ story starts unhappily, but then he notices, how happy he can be. In the insect kingdom they promise, that every human summons happiness if he only reads this book to kids and then closes both eyelids.

Whether this is really true, you decide, but only for you. The book is in A5 format and suitable for the age group of seven to 111 years – for unhappy, anxious and worried kids and grown-ups, that grew from a troubled childhood and all the other unhappy things there are in life. The story was written for people, who lack self-confidence, feel lonely and sad or simply go through a regretful phase. Special attention has been paid to transferring everyday situations into the world of insects. This way, the reader learns, that he has to fight for his own happiness, that happiness does not come from waiting and that you have to change things to get different results. Nevis learns these lessons at school, from his parents and while playing with newly found friends.

Being happy with Nevis is available on Amazon!




In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to children’s author from Germany, Christian-Lothar Ludwig
  • His rhyming picture book, Being happy with Nevis
  • how did Christian get into writing children’s books?
  • What inspired the idea for Being happy with Nevis?
  • How can parents use Being happy with Nevis as a tool to suit their family-style to express all the teaching moments to their kids?
  • What’s next for Christian-Lothar Ludwig, some fun facts about his books, his future plans and much more.



A big thank you to Christian-Lothar Ludwig for joining us and for sharing his wonderful book with us!


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Have great Saturday listeners!

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