Children’s Author Jack Purser on “Saving Forest Farm”

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Jack Purser, author of “Saving Forest Farm”

Happy Saturday everyone!

We have an exciting new book for your little ones. We are delighted to feature “Saving Forest Farm” by Jack Purser. A book that features various farm animals set out on a brave adventure to save their farm from a drought.

“Saving Forest Farm” is Jack’s first published book and is the first of many Forest Farm Stories. In this charming children’s tale, two animal friends set out on a brave adventure to save their farm from a drought. Will they succeed? Tune in to hear all about it!

This episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast will provide experiences from Jack Purser the author of “Saving Forest Farm” that range from the story origins, production/publication, and other amazing events.


About the Author

Jack Purser, author of “Saving Forest Farm”Jack Purser is a avid movie fan who loves bringing stories to life with his amazing animal sounds. Over the years, he has gained a wealth of movie and film knowledge that allows him to win the majority of movie trivia games. Jack currently lives in Fayette, Alabama, with his lovely wife, Keela, and three children, Jack, Livy, and Benji.
You can follow Jack on his and Author Pages as well as on Facebook & Instagram @boonepurser or Twitter @jack_purser.
To learn more about Jack Purser, please visit

Learn more about “Saving Forest Farm”

Saving Forest FarmThe Forest Farm is enduring a drought and all the animal residents are wondering what to do. If something doesn’t change soon, they may all have to move away.

After they elect Farrell Fox and Gunther Goat to search for a turtle who may be able to help, the two animal friends set off on an incredible journey without realizing they are being followed by a pesky pig on his own mission. Soon, they meet new friends like Suri Squirrel and Marley Mockingbird while facing many challenges. But will they be able to outsmart the pig in time to save the farm?

In this charming children’s tale, two animal friends set out on a brave adventure to save their farm from a drought, Will they succeed?

Please follow “Saving Forest Farm” on Facebook and Instagram @savingforestfarm for upcoming events and promotional contests.

“Saving Forest Farm” is available on Amazon!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to debut Children’s author, Jack Purser
  • His debut picture book, Saving Forest Farm
  • What inspired Jack to write this book?
  • What kind of reactions he has been getting from his readers about Saving Forest Farm?
  • Are there going to be more books in the Forest Farm series?
  • What is Jack currently working on?



A big Thank You To Jack Purser for joining us, and for introducing his wonderful book to our listeners!


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