Resistant to Reading: Tricks & Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers

Resistant to Reading: Tricks & Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers post thumbnail image


Resistant to Reading: Tricks & Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers

Reading With Your kids Podcast Interview with Esther Goldenberg

Is reading homework a battle every day after school?Does your elementary-age child’s teacher say your child has to read more to improve fluency, but getting him to do so is a battle every time? Are you sick of tears after school day after day and long for less chaotic late afternoons? Is your child a resistant reader?

In this episode of Reading with your kids podcast, We’d like to welcome Esther Goldenberg, the author of Resistant to Reading, Hypatia Academy & The My Nutty Family series to share some great advice on helping reluctant readers get excited about books and encourage them to love reading!

Esther lives in Maryland with her two daughters and their spunky dog. She was an elementary school teacher for many years. Her superpowers include helping reluctant readers learn to love reading, helping math-phobic students conquer numbers, and making mazes . Esther loves to spend time near the water, playing at the ocean or hiking along the river. Her favourite dinosaurs are parasaurolophus and micropachycephalosaurus.

Stay tuned as Esther Goldenberg talks about writing her new book and helping children to really want to read. Listen as she shares some strategies to encourage & support children dealing with dyslexia and how to get them learning and enjoy reading. She talks about her book Resistant to Reading will teach parents about what kids love to read and how to get them to read it, how to boost your child’s confidence in his reading and get him to read more, What to do when a child is resisting reading, or complaining that it’s hard or boring & the secret to finally convincing your child that reading can be something they enjoy.

If you want your child to read for pleasure without fuss or fight, they need to see that it can be fun and rewarding. Be sure to listen to this episode and learn how to turn your reluctant reader into a pleasure reader today!

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