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I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You? by Christina Christian Cewe: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Christina Christian Cewe!

I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You? is our latest Certified great Read!




I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You?I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You? by Christina Christian Cewe

I Believe in Me. Do You Believe in You? encourages children to go after their dreams, helping them to create a narrative of belief in themselves. The reader discovers that in order to accomplish their dreams, they must begin with a deep belief in their ability to succeed and then take the necessary steps to accomplish their dreams. The author’s goal is to inspire generations of believers to dream big and live the life of their dreams.

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About the Author

Christina Christian Cewe Christina Christian Cewe is a mother of three, an aunt, and cousin to many.

Once she started her family with her college sweetheart, she dedicated her life to inspiring herself, family, and friends to design the life of their dreams and live it to the fullest.

Christina has accomplished many of her life’s dreams, some at a very young age. Before starting her family, she was an American idol top 10 finalist and recording artist, where the traveled around the world writing and recording.

Her tremendous love of her family has also pushed her to have a rewarding career in a world where she continuously encourages the growth of women in technology.

She wrote this story to her first-born child when he was only two years old, but has used this message to help build confidence in all of her children over the years. To firmly believe that ANYTHING IN LIFE IS ACHIEVABLE AS LONG AS THEY BELIEVE IN THEIR OWN ABILITY.

She wants every child everywhere to know that any dream or goal that they have can come true, if they believe in their ability to succeed.




There are several ways you as a parent may help your kids become more confident. Most importantly, express your belief in them. When they want to talk to you about something important to them, give them your undivided attention while also supporting their goals and praising their best accomplishments.
Reading books with messages that encourage inner strength, a positive self-image, and an upbeat attitude on life is another method to improve self-assurance. It’s crucial to begin when your kids are little. Need inspiration? I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You? by Christina Christian Cewe is a great picture book that inspires meaningful conversations about development mindset and goal-setting. 
Since each of us is a unique person with unique qualities, we all have good reason to be happy! Our latest certified great read, I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You? is a children’s book on self-worth and self-belief. It is the perfect reminder that we are all special in our own ways. Kids are prompted to think about the question “I Believe in Me: Do You Believe in You?”
I believe in myself. Do you believe in yourself? also encourages kids to go after their dreams, which helps them establish a self-belief narrative. The reader discovers that in order to take the essential steps to realize their aspirations, they must first have a strong belief in their capacity to succeed. The author hopes to inspire upcoming generations to follow their goals and lead happy lives.

Final Verdict

The underlying message of this endearing picture book is that you can achieve your dreams if you have faith in your own abilities, find things that bring you joy, and work hard to achieve your goals. Ros Webb’s eye-catching artwork  will be appreciated by readers of all ages. A charming and simple tale with an important lesson, the wonderful illustrations give the story’s message a sense of empowerment. Include this on your list of suggested books for bedtime reading!


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