PinkyWinky by Lena LaRue: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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PinkyWinky by Lena LaRue: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Lena LaRue!

PinkyWinky is our latest Certified great Read!




PinkyWinky by Lena LaRue

PinkyWinky by Lena LaRueHer brothers are always teasing her. But when they get into big trouble, can this flower-loving little pig come to their rescue?

PinkyWinky adores being unique. So even though her family makes fun of her sweet-smelling rose bush house, the joyful piglet shrugs off their taunts. But when she hears them squealing for help, the clever youngster soon realizes they are being tormented by the Big Bad Wolf!

Sad for her three older siblings when their houses get destroyed. PinkyWinky refuses to be scared when the mean beast comes her way because she has a secret that will protect her from the huffing and puffing.

Will PinkyWinky’s kindness be the key to saving the day?

PinkyWinky is a delightful children’s picture book. If you or your children like girl power, charming life lessons, and inventive takes on classic tales, then you’ll love Lena LaRue’s funny fable!


Buy PinkyWinky to defeat bullies with empathy today!



About Lena LaRue

Lena LaRueLena LaRue Books are dedicated to sparking joy and fostering social connection. She believes that we can create a more understanding and harmonious society by cultivating empathy through stories. We can positively shape our community by teaching our children to treat one another with kindness and compassion. Early reading to babies and children, stories that reflect empathy, can play an important role. Plus, Lena’s a hoot and loves to laugh. We hope you enjoy her books.

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Have you ever heard of the well-known tale of the three small pigs that are bullied by a big, scary wolf? You must have, without a doubt! But if you think you know the ending too well then you are highly mistaken. This excellent, engaging retelling of the classic tale will have you and your children giggling the entire time. The theme of kindness and empathy is reinforced in a kid-friendly fashion through a surprise ending. Teaches children to “Be Wise. Be Kind. Be You.”

The book follows PinkyWinky, a little pig and her three brothers. PinkyWinky, however, differs from her three younger brothers. She loves the aroma of the flowers over the smell of a pig’s trough filled with waste. Her brothers always make fun of her for acting differently from other pigs. But if they get into real trouble, will this flower-loving pig be able to save them?

PinkyWinky is a character who embodies important values such as uniqueness, kindness, and bravery. It teaches a valuable lesson about the power of kindness and compassion towards others, even those who may not always treat us well. This message can be particularly important for children to learn as they navigate relationships with others. It is great to see children’s books that provide positive role models and examples of empathy and understanding. This children’s book may be an enjoyable read for those who appreciate stories with strong female characters and positive messages.

One of the best children’s books on kindness to teach young children about empathy and compassion, with simple text and appealing illustrations. The story, the pictures, the teachings, and the beauty of showing young kids what kindness can truly mean were all things that we adored about this tiny gem of a book!


Final Verdict

PinkyWinky is a children’s book that offers a unique and entertaining take on a classic tale. The book has a positive message about girl power, kindness, and bravery that children may find inspiring. Lena LaRue’s storytelling skills and sense of humor may make the book an enjoyable read for both children and adults. Overall, it is a fun and worthwhile addition to any children’s book collection.



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