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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Becky Benishek

Hello RWYK family! Today we’re ELATED to  feature Becky Benishek, author of  two wonderful children’s books What’s At The End Of Your Nose?: A Slipperyville Tale and Dr. Guinea Pig George. Dr.Guinea Pig George is a delightful story about a guinea pig who thinks he’s a doctor and it’s a must read for any guinea pig lover. What’s At The End Of Your Nose? is a great story about little snail and his adventures. Becky’s book help kids find magic and meaningfulness in even the simplest things around them.

We’re super excited to share with you what Becky has to say about writing, her books and her future publications. Listen in as Becky reads out an excerpt from her book and learn some interesting facts about her stories. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!

Here’s more information about Becky Benishek

Becky BenishekBecky Benishek studied English and Environmental Science at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and always hoped to turn her lifelong loves of writing, animals, and trees into something wonderful.

Becky writes both children’s books and adult fiction, has more than a few notebooks stuffed with poetry, and occasionally tries her hand (and ear) at songwriting.

One day she intends to go through all the napkins, envelopes, and other scraps of paper lodged in every available spot to turn more ideas, plots, first paragraphs, and titles into actual books.

Becky manages several online communities and helps connect people with the resources they need to help individuals with special needs. She has quite the Lego collection and is prone to sticking googly eyes on everything.

Becky lives with her husband, Dave, and their current guinea pig, Teddy.

More about Dr. Guinea Pig George

Who says guinea pigs can’t be doctors? Dr. Guinea Pig George really does think he’s a doctor, and it never occurs to him that he might be wrong!

Then one day George goes on an unexpected house call. Follow clever George as he takes advantage of a “pig-culiar” situation.

It can be a tough world out there. Dr. Guinea Pig George helps show kids that yes, they can be what they want to be, and should believe in themselves even if their dreams seem out of reach.

More about What’s At The End Of Your Nose?: A Slipperyville Tale

Tired of hearing “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do.” ?

Sidney Snail is so sick of Slipperyville that he’s about to snail out of town in search of adventure. A timely word from mysterious Old Samuel Snail convinces Sidney to give his surroundings one last chance before he snails out of town. Just when he least expects it, Sidney starts discovering amazing things right in front of his nose.

This book will help kids find magic and meaningfulness in even the simplest things around them. With delightful black & white illustrations on matte paper, “What’s At the End of Your Nose?” can also be used as a coloring book!

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • More about What’s At The End Of Your Nose? and Dr Guinea Pig
  • What inspired Becky to write these stories and the main characters?
  • What inspires her writing and her writing process
  • When did Becky know that she wanted to be a writer
  • Becky shares a little bit about her future writing plans with us and some surprising news about RWYK podcast. Be sure to tune in to find out & you’ll be amazed!

So, there you have it. We’re sure you’ve enjoyed learning about Becky’s writing projects, process, and hearing writing advice from her as much as we did! If you’ve enjoyed this episode then please rate and review our show in iTunes and share it by clicking the social media buttons at the bottom of this page!

You can learn more about Becky & her books by visiting

Her website:

Twitter: @bbenishek


Barnes & Noble:

Thanks for tuning in and have a stellar day!



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