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Reading With Your Kids Welcomes back Leslie Wahl – 5 Must Read Middle Grade Books

Hey everyone,

In today’s episode we’re talking about middle grade books and who better to offer a recommendation than one of our favorite authors, right? So we requested Leslie Wahl, author of The Perfect Blindside to be on our show and share with us some of her favourite reads in middle grade genre that are fun, kids friendly and is sure to get into the hearts and minds of middle-schoolers!

If you’ve got kids in the middle grade, the latest episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast is for you!

Take a look at the recommendations below, complete with publishers’ descriptions.


Here’s some information about our guest Leslie Wahl

Leslea WahlLeslea lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and three children. Their own life of adventure includes travelling, skiing, and scuba diving. Leslea strives to write fiction that will inspire readers to use their own talents and gifts to glorify God. Leslie has been a creator of stories with ideas swirling through her head. She is thrilled now to be able to share some of them with others. For many years she has been driven by a belief that our purpose in life is to use our gifts to glorify God and lead others to Him. She feel blessed to have found a way to intertwine her two passions by creating adventurous stories with positive Christian messages for today’s youth. Not only do she hopes to entertain with her writing, but also to inspire others to find their gifts as well.

Click the Amazon link below to grab a copy of all the wonderful books written by Leslie Wahl



Books from this episode:

A.K.A. Genius Book by Marilee Haynes
A.K.A. Genius Book by Marilee HaynesPublisher: Pauline Books & Media
Thirteen-year-old Gabe Carpenter is just like any other middle-school boy at St. Jude Academy…well, except for the fact that he is a genius who can’t even open his own locker or talk to his crush. “Themes include: self-acceptance, giftedness, and humor.”
Link to purchase: Amazon
7 Riddles to Nowhere by A.J. Cattapan

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC

7 Riddles to Nowhere by A.J. Cattapan Because of a tragic event that took place when he was five-years-old, seventh grader Kameron Boyd can’t make himself speak to adults when he steps outside his home. Kam’s mom hopes his new school will cure his talking issues, but just as he starts to feel comfortable, financial problems threaten the school’s existence.

Then a letter arrives with the opportunity to change everything. Kam learns that he and several others have been selected as potential heirs to a fortune. He just has to solve a series of seven riddles to find the treasure before the other students. If he succeeds, he’ll become heir to a fortune that could save his school.The riddles send Kam on a scavenger hunt through the churches of Chicago.

But solving them won’t be easy. With the school’s bully as one of the other potential heirs, Kam and his friends must decipher the hidden meanings in artwork and avoid the mysterious men following them in a quest to not only keep the school open, but keep Kam’s hopes for recovering his voice alive.

Link to purchase: Amazon


The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch by T. M. Gaouette

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch by T. M. Gaouette10 year old Benedict has been moved from one foster home to another, and he’s hated every one. When he arrives at Sunshine Ranch, he doesn’t bother unpacking. What’s the point? But his new foster parents and siblings are very different from what he’s become used to. David and Martha Credence strive to instill love and Christian values in their family and it inspires hope in each child. Benedict is not into “religion,” but Sunshine Ranch is the home he’s secretly been yearning for. Still, he fears it’s all just a little too good to be true, and his sentiments are validated when he learns that they may lose Sunshine Ranch.

Can the Credence children help save the Ranch? Will faith keep them together? Or will Benedict’s dream be shattered? The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch is a story about a family devoted to God. It relays the personal journeys of all the Credence foster children and their struggles to overcome past and present pain and adversity. In this novel, the confidence of the devoted is challenged, but an even deeper understanding of God and His love are revealed. “I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:12-13

Link to purchase: Amazon


A big thank you to Leslie Wahl for joining us and for sharing her review on these wonderful, sweet Middle grade books with us!


Visit Leslea’s website at www.LesleaWahl.com.



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