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RWYK Interview- Patricia Hawes Martin/ Dorothy Simmons Lasky –  Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About


Welcome back listeners!

In today’s episode,  Debut author Patricia Hawes Martin and illustrator Dorothy Simmons Lasky joins the Reading with Your Kids podcast to talk about their children’s book, Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About. Hoppy is a touching story about beautiful relationship a family shares with their crow pet.

Listen in as Patricia and Dorothy throw some light on Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About, their experience of working together and making this book a reality, Dorothy talks about the love and commitment Pat’s family gave to this young crow which compelled her to illustrate their experience. If you love animals/ birds and curious to learn more about crows, then this episode is for you!

Be sure to tune in & you’ll be amazed!


Here’s some information about Patricia Hawes Martin

Patricia (Pat) Hawes Martin was born in Philadelphia. She and her husband Jack moved to Baltimore, Maryland where they raised their family. Pat enjoys being outdoors and listening to birds’ singing. She has always loved reading, and is thrilled to now write about a special crow named Hoppy. This is a book entire families will enjoy. About the Illustrator: Dorothy (Dot) Simmons Lasky is an artist living in Hunt Valley, Maryland. She grew up in the nearby suburbs of Baltimore. Reading Pat’s story about Hoppy brought back fond memories of her childhood discoveries. The love and commitment Pat’s family gave to this young crow compelled Dot to illustrate their experience.


More about Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About

Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About by Patricia Hawes Martin Hoppy provides families with an entertaining look at a surprise encounter with a crow who wins their attention and affection. The story is ideal for children of all ages. Readers questions about crows such as what is a brood patch, a bird band, an ornithologist, omnivorous are answered. With the inclusion of full color illustrations, it is perfect to inspire preschoolers to read on their own.


Click the amazon link below to buy a copy of Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Pat reading a chapter from her book Hoppy: A Pet to Crow About
  • What inspired her to write this book and what the book is all about
  • Pat provided us with some super interesting insights about crows that will surprise you
  • What do Pat & Dot hope readers will take away from this book?
  • What is Pat currently working on, a message they would like to share with their readers and much more.


A big thank you to Patricia & Dorothy for joining us and for sharing their wonderful, sweet little book with us!


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