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In Conversation with Arin Wensley, Author of Counting Frogs, an RWYK Certified Great Read


Hey everyone!

We’re mega excited to have the super talented and lovely Arin Wensley on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast today. We have been huge fans of Arin’s wonderful children’s book Counting Frogs and her stunning illustrations for a while now and it was great to sit down with her and hear all about her little gem of a book.

Counting Frogs has also been named a Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read and in this exciting episode, we chat with Arin about her debut book, what it’s like to write for children, what inspired her to write Counting Frogs, her upcoming books and more.

Arin’s book is counting picture book for young children full of bright colorful pictures, making it great for little hands to hold.  Teaching with picture books makes learning fun and we’re sure your kids will LOVE it.

This episode is full of important information and essential advice for all the parents out there. Be sure to tune in!


Learn more about Arin Wensley

Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley

Arin Wensley is the author and illustrator of her debut book Counting Frogs. She is an Indie Author and Illustrator, and a full-time mom. She currently lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter, where she spends most of her time curled up with a good book.

Where can you find Arin on the internet?

Her website:

Social Media Links

Twitter      Facebook


More about Counting Frogs

Counting Frogs by Arin Wensley

One frog… Two frogs… Three frogs… Four! Come along and find out what is in store. Learning to count can be exciting and fun in Arin Wensley’s debut picture book “Counting Frogs.” Toddlers will find the comical frogs and simple rhyme appealing and will ask to hear the story over and over.



Do you have a young kid who is struggling to learn to count? Then click the Amazon link below to pick up a copy of Counting Frogs written by Arin Wensley.


In this episode, You’ll hear

  • Arin reading a page from her children’s book Counting Frogs
  • How did she get the idea to write this book
  • How will her book help toddlers learn about number identification and counting?
  • What is she currently working on and much more. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!


A huge thank you to Arin Wensley for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!

We’d love to hear what you think about the podcast and any suggestions on what you’d like to hear in future episodes. Feel free to connect with us on our social media, or email us anytime by contacting us.

Join us tomorrow for another episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

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