The Adventures of Buddy the Border Collie: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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The Adventures of Buddy the Border Collie by Lani Schuck & illustrations by Parker Lopp – Book Review

Congratulations to Lani Schuck!

The Adventures of Buddy the Border Collie is our latest Certified great Read!




The Adventures of Buddy the Border CollieLearning Lessons can be lots of fun!

This is what Buddy the Border Collie discovers during school closure and everything closed. At first it was fun being at home but then because of isolation, he needed to learn how to get along in the world.

As Buddy learns to become a therapy dog, he goes on adventures with Trainer Stacey, mom, dad, and others, that teach him the value of kindness, respect, being humble, the meaning of friendship, getting along with others, and self-reliance.

This delightful collection of rhyming story adventures about a beautiful and wonderful puppy is bound to please and become a favorite of young readers and the adults fortunate enough to read with them.

Read Buddy the Border collie’s Adventures today!


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About the author

Lani SchuckLani Schuck is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher of students with special needs, and writer. She lives with her family including Buddy the Border Collie, in Ventura, California. She enjoys gardening, playing music, reading, training buddy, and volunteering for charity activities to promote social well-being. Lani Hopes that you enjoy Buddy’s stories and watch for more books and adventures!

Contact Lani Schuck
[email protected]

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The Adventures of Buddy the Border Collie is a wonderful children’s book written by Lani Schuck, and illustrated by Parker Lopp.  The book follows a charming border collie named Buddy. Buddy and his adventures in Ventura, California with his friends and family are truly heartwarming and enjoyable for children to read about.  The combination of Buddy’s love for nature and animals, and the rhyming poetry that tells his stories are a great way to teach children important values while entertaining them. All in all it’s an engaging read for kids as they can enjoy imagining themselves in Buddy’s adventures.

Kids will identify with Buddy’s compassion and generosity. They’ll admire his empathy and cheer for him whenever he has fun on one of his numerous adventures with his family and friends, such as a day at the beach, indoor activities, playing games with his cousin Leon, and many more. Kids will be attracted by the beautiful pictures of Buddy and the fascinating story. On every page, Buddy’s body language and expressions will have them smitten. Motivational sayings that are sprinkled throughout the book relate to the themes of each part.

Readers will be enchanted with The Adventures of Buddy the Border Collie because it is filled with love, empathy, and heart. The book is a great starting point for conversations about empathy, social-emotional issues, and the benefits of specially trained companion animals for children. It will also encourage more research into therapy dogs and other animals. The book is a must-have for home, school, and public library collections and will quickly become a great read-aloud.


Final Verdict

Grab your copy today to plunge into adventure with Buddy the Border Collie as he trains to be a therapy dog and learns the importance of kindness, respect, being modest, the meaning of friendship, getting along with people, and self-reliance.



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