Meet Mark Gunning, author of “I Told You So! Series”

Meet Mark Gunning, author of “I Told You So! Series” post thumbnail image

RWYK Author Interview: Mark Gunning on “I Told You So Book Series”

I Told You So! Book Series By Mark Gunning



Hey there!

Welcome to the brand new edition of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! Joining us in today’s episode is the children’s author, Mark Gunning from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Mark is joining us to celebrate his children’s books series titled I Told You So! 

Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, And Then It Happened, Jerry the Squirrel, and Stick Cat books, Mark Gunning’s hilarious new series I Told You So is definitely here to entertain.

Michael Gunning spoke to us about the inspiration behind his books in the I Told You So! book series. He stressed the importance of reading with your kids every single day. He also discussed what inspired him to write for children and how to encourage kids to read! Be sure to listen in & enjoy!


Learn more about “Mark Gunning”

Mark Gunning, author of "I Told You! SeriesAfter many years, Mark Gunning has finally decided to share his stories from growing up as a kid in Chippawa, Ontario. Looking back and reminiscing, he realized he had many a tale to tell. As a dad, teacher, coach, and master storyteller ~ Mark enjoys sharing stories about his youth and the fun he had along the way.

Mark lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario with his three children, wife, two cats, and dogs Chewie and Ozzie.

I Told You So! is a series about Thomas and his best friend William. Read along as you find out what happens to the two of them as their plans usually go wrong. Don’t worry, William always has another!
Books in the I Told You So! Series
Book One: The Adventures of William and Thomas (Released June 2017)
Book Two: The Journey Continues (Released June 2018)
Coming 2019
Book Three: Strike Three, You’re Out!


Find Out More About Mark Gunning And Where To Buy His Books At

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I Told You So!: The Adventures of William and Thomas: Book 1

I Told You So!: The Adventures of William and Thomas by [Gunning, Mark]In The Adventures of William and Thomas, Book 1 of the I Told You So series~from Canadian author Mark Gunning~two best friends find themselves frequently on the wrong side of awesome plans! Follow the boys as they take you on a hilarious journey of adventures, stunts, and pranks.
Follow the boys as they get things stuck in trees, encounter angry killer bees, feed chili to Harry (a dog), create a monster in the basement, build a gigantic ramp, and make it snow in the summertime. Lost baseballs, angry bees, extra spicy chili, basement monsters, a massive ramp, and broken bones. Enjoy the adventures of short stories as they are sure to entertain children and parents. What more could you want? Oh, another book in the series!



I Told You So!: The Journey Continues: Book 2

I Told You So!: The Journey Continues by [Gunning, Mark]The boys are back! This time William and Thomas bring even more shenanigans. Follow them as they make their way to the local Comic Fest, host a pool party, sell the neighbor’s house (sort of), add a giant TV to their tree fort, and create a birthday to remember. Tidal waves, explosions, falling objects, and angry grannies. What else can happen?


“I Told You So!: Children’s Book Series” is available on Amazon!



In this episode, 

  • You’ll get a taste of I Told You So!: Children’s Book Series as Mark Gunning introduces us to the storyline and main characters of his books
  • What inspired Mark to transform his ideas into children’s book
  • Importance and benefits of reading with your kids every day
  • Importance of reading with reluctant readers
  • What does Mark Gunning hope that readers will gain from reading his series?
  • What’s next for Mark Gunning?


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