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#RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ #REVIEW – Remy: A book about believing in yourself by Mayuri Naidoo


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It is important to teach your kids that being yourself is something to celebrate. Today on the Reading with your kids, we are ELATED  to introduce our readers to a very special children’s middle-grade book that emphasizes the importance of embracing and accepting one’s uniqueness and believing in themselves. And that book is none other than Remy: A book about believing in yourself  by Mayuri Naidoo



Remy: A book about believing in yourself  by Mayuri Naidoo

Remy: A book about believing in yourselfWhen eleven-year-old Remy is mocked for his unique appearance, an unlikely friend—a talking owl—gives him the confidence and empowerment to overcome his insecurity and face his bullies.

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A fun read, a beautiful message, and a tool for life  – All in one book!

Being short, being tall. Let’s face it, we all have trouble with our height.  We’re all somehow different, but some kids can be mean and know how to trigger those pain points. Remy: A book about believing in yourself is a perfect book that will help vertically challenged kids to understand that being smaller than others has its own advantages.

Remy: A book about believing in yourself by Mayuri Naidoo is a middle-grade book for children between the ages of 8 and 12. This wonderful book follows Remy, an 11-year-old boy who lives in the beautiful coastal town of Timberland with his parents. Remy is an unhappy child. He is miserably self-conscious about his looks. He is always side-lined by other kids because of his lack of height. He is called mean names such as redhead and shorty, by his classmates. And this shakes his confidence and makes him angry and frustrated. Being the shortest kid in his class makes him upset. His mom always tells him that height is never an issue in life; he’s perfect just the way he is! She comforts Remy while explaining to him that physical appearance doesn’t matter and that he should focus on the positives in life. She reminds him of all the good qualities he has such as intelligence, being kind-hearted, and loving. Remy has trouble accepting his uniqueness until he meets a talking owl who helps him realize that there is beauty in being different from the crowd.

We are all different in some way and kids have this way of intimidating those who are different from their group, and we think Mayuri’s book will be a helpful tool for all of the kids who might be intimidated as well as those who might be doing the intimidation. Remy: A book about believing in yourself is a wonderful resource to help nurture self-confidence, providing the perfect tools to spark conversations about your children’s important talents and unique characteristics.


A great book to have in a classroom or summer reading program. Highly recommended for kids everywhere! So grab your copy now and read it with your kids tonight!


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