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“Talk, Play and Read With Me Mommy” by Jo Ann Gramlich

Is Our Latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Congratulations to Speech Therapist Jo Ann Gramlich. Her book “Talk, Play and Read With Me Mommy” by Jo Ann Gramlich is a valuable resource for all families with young kids and our latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Reads!

Here is the book blurb.

Did you know that you can begin to talk and interact with your child as early as birth? If you did, then youre on the right track to getting your child ready for the infant, toddler, and preschool years. If you didnt, Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy will provide you and your child with many stimulating activities and games that are developmentally appropriate and designed to help enhance your childs speech and language skills.

There are interactive activities for infants (e.g., Rattle Time, Lots of Sounds, Peek-a-Boo), toddlers (e.g., Surprise Bag, Flashlight Fun, Bear Talk), and preschoolers (e.g., Listen Up, Hunting for Colors, Silly Stories). These games can be played when you and your child have a few extra minutes during daily routines, playtime, or story time. You can also use this book when you are on the move, so make sure you carry it wherever you go.

Here is our review

We often hear that kids don’t come with instructions. Fortunately Speech Pathologist Jo Ann Gramlich has created a wonderful resource for all families with young children. Parents are a child’s first teacher. This easy to read and follow guide gives parents the knowledge they need to be their child’s best teacher.

The book features interactive activities that will enhance a child’s language development. I love that the book is designed to grow with your child, featuring activities to meet the specific needs of children from birth to age five. There are activities we can engage in throughout the day, there are even learning activities we can do during bath time.

I also love that the book features many activities that we can do with our kids when we are driving in the van, waiting in line, shopping at the supermarket.

This would make an excellent gift for any family, especially a family expecting a first child

Congratulations again to Jo Ann Gramlich!

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