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Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: The Field Day

Our Latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read

Congratulations to Terance Shipman and all of the members of Team Shipman! The latest chapter in My Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles, The Field Day, has been named a Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Dr. Terance Shipman has been teaching young children for over 25 years, including 11 years as a Kindergarten teacher. He is proud of the many strong relationships he has built with his students.  Dr. Shipman calls this ever-developing network “Team Shipman”.  Through Team Shipman, Dr. Shipman offers continual encouragement, leadership, and mentorship to his students, their families, and his professional peers.  ​

Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles brings some of Dr Shipman’s memories of teaching Kindergarten back to life. Each book in the series celebrates the male teacher, in particular the black male teacher.  Acknowledging the under-representation of black men in education, Mr. Shipman presents a positive and strong black male image that children need. Through his first series of books, Dr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles, Dr. Shipman hopes to make kindergarten an exciting and anticipated adventure for students, parents, and teachers, while casting an even wider net for Team Shipman.

The Field Day Is The Perfect Book for this Uncertain Time

We love “The Field Day: The ultimate sporting event book for kids”, the latest addition to Ternace Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles Series. As with all of the books in this series, “The Field Day” is a book that kids and families will love reading together. In this beautifully illustrated story we meet Banicia, a kindergarten student preparing for her very first field day. This fun story is sure to stir up pleasant memories for parents and older kids. I think it is an especially timely read, as children everywhere are being denied this beloved tradition due to the nationwide school closings. Reading The Field Day together as a family will be a great way to talk about the emotions kids might be feeling at this time, as well as a wonderful way to talk about the fun we will have celebrating Field days in the future. Bravo to Terance Shipman and his illustrator Milan Ristic.



Terance Shipman Field Day on Biteable

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