Ciaran: And the Troll Bully by Meadow Griffin!

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An Interview with the Bestselling Author: Meadow Griffin

Hey RWYK family! As we always say picture books and chapter books can be a wonderful resource when parents and teachers want to explore bullying and conflict resolution themes with children. Whether a child is being bullied or is bullying another child, the involvement of an adult will help. Today we welcome back one of our favourite authors Meadow Griffin on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast to talk about her new children’s book Ciaran: And the Troll Bully that empowers kids to believe in themselves and to stand up to bullies.

In our exciting interview, Meadow discusses her book, importance of teaching children how they should respond to bullies, What inspired the story and character of her book, Her upcoming projects & more. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!

Here’s more information about Meadow Griffin

Meadow GriffinMeadow Griffin is an artist, speaker, and author and illustrator of the popular Legends of Erin novel series following the miraculous adventures of Fadin and Tase, two ordinary Irish boys catapulted into a perilous world of magic. She is also the author of CIARAN and the Troll Bully, a story about being bullied and learning how to fit in when you’re different. She is passionate about inspiring young people to fall in love with reading, dive into a passion of their own, and to achieve their dreams.


More about Ciaran: And the Troll Bully

Ciaran is a happy little goblin who lives in the magical world and whose favorite food is sugar. But when he finds out he has to move away from everything he knows, he begins to worry about all the new things he has to try. When he gets to his brand new school, Ciaran discovers that he is the only goblin in a whole school of trolls. He feels out of place and is picked on for being different. How will he ever feel like he belongs if no one will even talk to him?


In this episode, we discuss

  • Meadow reads out an excerpt from her book Ciaran: And the Troll Bully
  • More about Ciaran and how did Meadow get the idea about writing this book and the main character
  •  What inspires her to write for children & importance of teaching kids about bullying
  •  Meadow gives us a peek inside her upcoming books & some interesting facts about her story
  • Jed shares some great words of wisdom from Walt Disney & much more. Be sure to tune in!


A big thank you to Meadow Griffin for joining us and for sharing her story with us!

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