A Buss from Lafayette by Dorothea Jensen

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Meet Dorothea Jensen, Award Winning Author of A buss from Lafayette

Hello and welcome to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast. In today’s episode, we are pleased to be joined by Dorothea Jensen, Award winning author of A historical fiction book titled A Buss from Lafayette, set in June 1825, this book heavily focuses on the American Revolution and the Frenchman – known as the National Guest in the States – General Lafayette. Tune in as Dorothea Jensen takes us off on a sweeping journey back in time & shares what inspired her book, A Buss from Lafayette!

Here’s some more information about Dorothea Jensen

Dorothea JensenDorothea Jensen, born in Boston, Massachusetts, was raised in Chillicothe, Illinois, where the author who created Zorro many years earlier grew up.  She majored in English literature at Carleton College. After teaching high-school English and serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Brazil, she earned a master’s degree in education at the University of New Mexico. Dorothea also enjoys writing rhyming verse. She has written a series of award-winning illustrated modern Christmas stories in verse featuring Santa’s Izzy Elves.

In addition to writing, Dorothea is an experienced actress and singer. She performed with the Ex Machina Baroque Opera Company in Minneapolis, and also played most of the Gilbert and Sullivan battle-ax contralto and ingenue mezzo roles with companies in Philadelphia and Minneapolis. She nearly always lost the hero to the soprano.

More about A Buss from Lafayette

A Buss Cover2.2FINALA Buss from Lafayette is set in the small New Hampshire town where Dorothea lives. Two things inspired her to write this story. First was learning that Lafayette passed right by her house during his 1824-5 “Farewell Tour.” Another was meeting a woman whose ancestor received a kiss from Lafayette. That “buss,” passed down through generations, eventually came to Dorothea. This sparked her interest in Lafayette’s huge contributions to our struggle for independence, and in his 13 month journey across America fifty years later.

In this episode,

  • Dorothea talks more about A Buss from Lafayette and describes the main characters…
  • discusses her experience of writing historical fictions that require exhaustive research and a passion for the genre
  • explains that  A Buss from Lafayette will provide not only historic background of the revolutionary time but also a story that all children can identify with.
  • reveals two things inspired her to write this story
  • tells us what kind of things Parents & a child will discover if they read her book simultaneously, gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming books & much more…Happy Listening!

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You can discover more about Dorothea Jensen and her work by visiting

Her Website: www.dorotheajensen.com

Her Blog: www.dorotheajensen.blogspot.com


Amazon Page: www.amazon.com/Dorothea-Jensen/e/B006IFKK7Y



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