Abigail’s Dragons by Patrick Matthews: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Abigail’s Dragons(The Nash Dragons Book 2)by Patrick Matthews: #RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ – BOOK REVIEW

Congratulations to Patrick Matthews!

Abigail’s Dragons(The Nash Dragons Book 2) is our latest certified great read!





Abigail's DragonsAbigail has a powerful magic inside her, one that will turn her into a monster if she’s not careful.

She’s not the only one cursed. There are other children just like her, sleeping in a cave deep underground.

Abigail keeps them safe, draining their power just as she drains away her own, desperately searching for a cure.

But what if there is no cure? What if her cave is a prison, and not a place of healing?

How can she save the sleepers when she’s not even sure how to save herself?

Abigail’s Dragons now available!

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Patrick Matthews is a writer and game designer who lives in Florida. When he’s not writing or playing, he can usually be found exploring the roads, searching for new adventures with his wife and two boys.

You can learn more at www.pat-matthews.com.


Here’s Our Review

Are you a Dragon lover? We definitely are! We love books and series set in magical worlds and filled with mythical creatures. Abigail’s Dragons by Patrick Matthews is one middle grade novel you won’t want to miss!  It is an upbeat fantasy story about friendship, magic, and figuring out how to do the right thing when everyone around you has a different idea of what that is. A great additional to school libraries and classroom libraries. It will spark imaginations.

From the start, Matthews builds a fantasy world that is filled with struggles and challenges. Abigail Kuczynski is a thirteen year old girl who is captured and kept in a cave deep underground by a Fae named Siaran. Abigail is not alone. There are other children like her who are kidnapped and put to sleep in a cave. Siaran claims that all of the sleepers and Abigail has a power growing inside them. It is called the gallu draig, and if it ever formed into a strong enough pattern, it would turn them into monsters. As Keeper, Abigail’s job is to make sure that didn’t happen. But she had failed. She had lost four of her sleepers. And when that happened she started to question Siaran’s intention behind draining their powers. And when she realizes that Siaran is doing anything but helping them,  she decides to run away with the other four sleepers in the cave named Dwayne, Meili, Jeff and Luca. Together, they plan a great escape to reunite with their families. But will they succeed or will they end up in a deep, dark place where one wrong move could end up in dire consequences for everyone involved, and everyone beyond.

Along the way, Abigail and the sleepers discover extraordinary new friends in unlikely places and a courage they never knew they had. Just as well, for the greatest enemy of all is never far behind them – a heartless Fae who’s been waiting a very long time to capture them and bring them back to the cave, and a hero from the past. 

Overall, It’s a beautiful story about the power of friendship, the kindness of strangers, the power of truth and how goodness will always triumph over a grab for power. Abigail’s Dragons has all the elements that make a wonderful read for this age. It is imaginatively creative, with enough complexity to challenge young adolescent thought, and a plot that propels the story forward. Highly recommended!



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