Teddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Teddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Teddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss, illustrated by Cierra Van Nes : #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review


Congratulations to Christine Milkovic Krauss!

Teddy Loses His Ears is our latest certified great read!



Teddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss

Teddy Loses His EarsTeddy is a rescue cat who lost his ears from frostbite. Teddy has inspired a series of stories with his true-life adventures that share relatable messages of kindness and acceptance. Teddy hopes that his stories will raise awareness to the organizations that saved his life, and thousands of other animals’ lives every year.

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About the Author

I am a full time essential services worker and mom of two primary school-aged children. My kids enjoy choosing books from the school library and I’m always genuinely impressed with the messages of acceptance and kindness in the stories they select for us to read together. During the pandemic, we had to get creative to keep our home an exciting and positive space that we all wanted to spend a lot of time at! Our entire family loves animals, so we decided to foster a litter of kittens over the Christmas Holidays. They brought so much joy into our lives, that we planned to continue to foster animals as much as possible! Then we saw Teddy. Teddy just belonged with our family and we knew it the moment we met him. Since that day, he has made our family feel complete. His uniqueness and character has inspired a series of stories that we hope to share with other avid child readers that love animals!


Reading children’s books about characters with disabilities is a good way to help a child feel motivated and inspired. Teddy Loses His Ears written by Christine Milkovic Krauss and illustrated by Cierra Van Nes is a wonderful children’s book that validates children’s feelings and struggles about disabilities and open a door for conversation, expression, and achievement.

Teddy is a happy, energetic cat who loves to explore nature. He loves watching butterflies fluttering in the sky. It’s an incredible day for a little Teddy until things take a turn for the worse. It’s a windy day in late autumn and Teddy is happily chasing the falling leaves until is starts to snow. Teddy is lost and soon it gets dark. Teddy walks for hours in snow in search of a shelter.  He is then rescued by a kind farmer but looses his ear due to frostbite. Now Teddy looks  different from other cats. They ask questions about what happened to Teddy’s ears, was it an accident or can he still hear, and he gladly responds to them. Teddy Loses His Ears is a valuable tool of sharing with younger children examples of people helping those in need, and of inspiring them to think critically about what it means to be a good human. The illustrations help reveal the true meaning of the book which is to show compassion to all living creatures.

This story is a short, sweet look at a rescue cat who lives a well-rounded, active life! By normalizing disabilities, children will develop empathy while also learning that these pets/kids are not as different as they might seem. This book is a must for every reader. We recommend this book for ages 7 and older! We rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!



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