Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Annie Mouse Meets A New Friend

By Dr. Anne Slanina

Is Our Latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!


Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend (The Adventures of Annie Mouse Book 3) by Anne Slanina

Annie Mouse Meets a New FriendThis is the third book in the Adventures of Annie Mouse picture book series. Annie is a shy, quiet little mouse who has many adventures. In this episode, Annie makes friends with a new neighbor, Molly Mole, who is very different from all of the other kids at school. In the process, she is subject to ridicule and risks losing her old friends, who begin to bully Molly. Will Annie be a true friend, or join the group of bullies? This episode is a great book for opening a discussion about friendship, special needs classmates, and bullying. Episodes can be read in any order. Recommended for ages 5-10.

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Our Review

If you are a parent and looking for a fun and engaging book for your little one and then look no further. Our latest certified great read is a story that celebrates the kindness and acceptance of others. Reading with Your Kids proudly presents to you Annie the Mouse Meets a New Friend By Dr. Anne Slanina!

The book follows the life of an elementary school-aged young mouse Annie who is usually quiet and shy but when a new neighbor moves in her neighborhood, she is quick to befriend a mole named Molly, who is different from all of the other kids at school. Molly is blind and she walks with the help of a crane. But these differences don’t hold Annie back from forming a special bond with Molly. When it’s time to go back to school in a new year, Molly is scared as she is the only Mole in the Mouse Field Elementary school. Annie helps her calm down and assure Molly that she will make friends in no time and promises to introduce her to Annie’s old friends. 

To Annie’s surprise, none of the kids at the school wants to be friends with Molly because she is different from them. Despite being made fun by the other kids, Annie stands by Molly because she knows it is. The right thing to do.

Annie is a great role model for kids because not only she does the right thing, she does the right thing when everyone around her is bullying her to give up. This teaches an important lesson about standing by what you believe in, no matter what you face. With older children, this book can be used to discuss the importance of advocating for those who do not have a voice.

Overall, Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend provides a great opportunity to discuss with children. The importance of accepting others, welcoming those who are new, and the hurt that can happen when we aren’t kind to others.

A simple yet engaging story about how we can stand up for others and call out the bullies to change their behavior. A wonderful guide to let kids know that It can be hard to find ways to include someone new- especially when that someone is different but it’s worth the effort.


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