My Hair Went On Vacation: #RWYK Certified Great Read

#RWYK Great Read #Review – My Hair Went On Vacation by Paula Quinn

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We’re ELATED to present to you our brand NEW Certified Great Read, My Hair Went On Vacation by Paula Quinn.

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Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

My Hair Went on Vacation by Paula Quinn

My Hair Went on VacationThis story is about Rosie, who lives in Chicago.
Within three weeks she lost all of her hair and asked, “Where did it go?”
Rosie loved to rock the bald, without even skipping a beat.
She happily wore sunscreen -not even a hat!- in the summer heat.
At bedtime, Rosie would tell her own stories with a smile on her face.
She’d imagine her hair going on magical adventures all over the place.
From a young age, Rosie loved herself and was not phased by her look,
So her mother decided to share her spirit to teach others through this book.
Come on this adventure with a confident bald girl,
Who tells us Bald is beautiful! as she smiles with a twirl.


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About the Author

Paula and Rosie Quinn are the founders of Coming Up Rosies, a nonprofit dedicated to fulfilling Rosie’s dream to make bald kids like her smile confidently. At two years old, Rosie was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, an incurable autoimmune disease that results in baldness. From a young age, Rosie taught her parents how to embrace her difference by coming up with magical adventures of her hair each night before bed.
Despite Rosie’s confidence, awkward questions and comments about her baldness started to bother Rosie. One day, her parents surprised her with a head scarf made from one of her paintings. Rosie immediately felt confident again, and wanted to share this feeling of pride with all bald children.Rosie lives in Chicago with her sister Caroline, her parents Paula and Larry, and their bernedoodle, Enzo. As a family, they love to go to Cubs games, have dance parties, and cook Italian dinners at home.


Our Review

My Hair Went On Vacation by Paula Quinn is an absolutely wonderful book that helps remind kids how important it is to “love me for me!”

This delightful rhyming book is based on the true story of Quinn’s daughter Rosie. Rosie wakes up one morning to find “curls on my pillow, instead of my head!” We soon find out that Rosie was born with Alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. We also soon find out that Rosie has an unbeatable spirit.

As the narrator of the story, Rosie tells us that going to school was hard. Kids pointed and stared, and it hurt to hear their unkind words. Her parents help her learn to be kind and graceful, to show the world “a bald girl with a smile on her face.”

There are so many wonderful conversations that families can have reading this book together. Conversations about facing difficult situations with a positive attitude, understanding that true beauty shines from within, and having empathy for others who are different.

My Hair Went on Vacation is beautifully illustrated by Chiara Civati. Your kids will love Rosie’s bright green eyes and a radiant smile.

This would be a wonderful addition to any family, or school, library.


***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Paula Quinn for the opportunity to read and review his wonderful book. Please be assured that our opinions are honest.


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