Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Stella Mongodi: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Stella Mongodi: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Brielle’s Birthday Ball: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers  by Stella Mongodi: #RWYK Certified Great Read


Congratulations to Stella Mongodi!

Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Stella Mongodi is our latest Certified great Read!


Brielle’s Birthday Ball: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

Brielle’s Birthday Ball: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young MoversDance Party on the Moon!

A delightful birthday adventure packed with movement concepts and subtle life lessons.

Each book in the Dance-It-Out! series is an independent story, and Brielle’s Birthday Ball is the perfect series introduction, ideal for kids 4-7.

Ballerina Konora inspires kids to get up and get moving on the imagination stage. Kids bring out their own inner storyteller or follow Konora’s suggested moves, designed by an award-winning dance instructor to develop body coordination, focus breath, and explore dance fundamentals.



About the Author
Brought to you by a mother-daughter team. Konora is a professional ballet dancer. Her mother taught creative movement and ballet for decades. She was honored to be chosen and recognized by her local City Council (2014) for embodying the spirit of partnership and commitment to children in our community for her work with young dancers. She’s breathed dance from every angle: child to pre-professional to adult ballet student, zoom student, dance teacher, dance mom, competition mom, ballet-school parent-guilder, audience member, recital planner, business owner, and board member.

Once Upon a Dance’s first pandemic creation, Dancing Shapes, has won several awards:
• 2021 Independent Press Award WINNER
• 2021 15th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards Finalist
• 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist




Does your child love to dance? Do they dream of a life on the stage or on television, dancing or acting or singing? Whether they’re hoping to become a ballerina or a pop star, we’ve picked a perfect picture book for kids aged between 4-7 that celebrates performance and dance. Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Once Upon A Dance and Stella Mongodi is our latest certified great read that proves that reading doesn’t have to be a quiet, couch-centered activity. It’s perfect for high-energy kids because they give your little one a chance to move and burn energy while you read.

In Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Once Upon A Dance and Stella Mongodi, we are introduced to a young girl who is turning seven. Brielle is too excited to fall asleep. She imagines how her big day will be like. She is soon disturbed by some bizarre sounds at 2 am in the night outside her room. When she goes to examine, nobody is there except for a gift that has been left. Inside the case is a mysterious birthday ball that takes her on a fun and magical adventure. The ball drove Brielle to the moon where a lavish birthday party has been arranged for her. Meeting the well known Man On The Moon, Brielle was exceptionally energised as she danced and enjoyed tasty treats such as cupcakes and chocolate mint seasoned water. Everybody was having such a great time at Brielle’s party that Brielle didn’t want it to end. However, she started to get drowsy and decided the time had come to return home. When she woke up the following morning, she remembered everything, but then there was no proof that her mystical night had at ever happened.

Each of Brielle’s everyday experiences is translated into dance moves. For example, the story depicts Brielle’s unwrapping a special gift of a mysterious advance birthday package that lands outside her door, while Konora’s dance translation invites kids to adopt responsive movements: “Pretend to unwrap the ball, then character switch-a-roo and pretend to be the ball. Onto the ground we go, and roll sideways. As the ball stops, find a moment of stillness and rest.”



Final Verdict

Toddlers and preschoolers dancing has to be the cutest thing ever, so this book delivers maximum cuteness because it steps through some perfect dance moves for little ones. This book is a celebration of all the different ways that you can move your body and express yourself through dance. Kids will love trying all of the different moves highlighted in the book, and will appreciate the message that they can dance any way and anywhere that they want to. The vibrantly colored illustrations, peppy dance moves, and adorable characters will have kids wanting to read again and dance along.

We hope your little dancers enjoy reading Brielle’s Birthday Ball as much as we enjoyed reviewing it!




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