Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure by Ed Ehlers!

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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Ed Ehlers, Author Of “Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure”

Yes! It’s another Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, we’re excited for you to meet Max & Tucker, the heroes of two children’s books, Lily & Lucy and Deer Oh Deer.  Both books are true stories and proceeds from the sale of the books are donated to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation and to Wildlife Rescue League.  During storytimes, we emphasize Max & Tucker’s messages – “Just Act! Imagine the story you will inspire.” and “Those we rescue, really rescue us.”

If you are looking to adopt a new animal or just want to teach your kids about animal rescue and pet care, this episode is not to be missed. Prepare yourself for a cuteness surge and let’s get to know more about Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure!



About the Author

Originally from New York, Ed Ehlers has made his home in Northern Virginia since 2000. He lives there with Lisa and their three children. He enjoys the woods and rivers with Max & Tucker, Australian Shepherd brothers. In addition to writing, Ed enjoys making jewelry from local rock and river glass. You can find his work at CliftonStone on Etsy. He has previously published Lily & Lucy. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

Contact Ed Ehlers at [email protected], follow on Facebook @maxNtucker and Instagram
@max_n_tucker and visit his author page at



Learn more about “Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure”

In their second book, Max & Tucker, Australian Shepherd brothers, were doing what they enjoy most:
playing in the woods and creeks of Northern Virginia when they came across a deer that had been
stranded after heavy rain. With the help of their Daddy, Max & Tucker rescued the deer and watched over her until she was strong enough to go on her way. This exciting adventure is about
being rescued by those we set out to rescue.

This true story, which occurred in the Spring of 2017, is captured in the wonderfully illustrated children’s book: Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure. Proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Rescue League of Falls Church, VA.

Both books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million, as well as in eBook format
on Kindle and Apple.

Keep an eye out for Max & Tucker and their new adventures and remember, “Act. Just imagine the
the story you will inspire.” and “Those we rescue, really rescue us.”

All adventures are free. You can easily check their availability and schedule at or we can schedule over email.

Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • Tell us all about your second book in a Max & Tucker adventure series for children, “Deer Oh Deer(03:15)
  • A lot of great information is available in your book about how to approach an animal that’s injured to make sure they are not injured any further. Please talk a little bit about that. (08:00)
  • Max and Tuckers are Australian shepherds dogs. Let’s talk about this breed. (10:30) 
  • At Reading with Your Kids podcast, we encourage parents to read with their kids and we also encourage kids to read aloud to their pets. Please talk about some of the benefits kids can have by following this practice. (19:00)
  • The idea of therapy dogs is quite common in the USA. Can you talk about Emotional Support Animals (ESA)? (21:00)



A big thank you to Ed Ehlers for joining us and for sharing his wonderful, sweet little book with us!


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