Easter by Trudi Strain Trueit

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Easter by Trudi Strain Trueit

Review By Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, ReadingWithYourKids.com

Easter is just around the corner! And the freshness and joy of spring is just around the corner after a cold winter so we decided to review a book which introduces young kids to Easter and how it is celebrated throughout the world. I came across this AMAZING book on Epic called Easter by Trudi Strain Trueit and I absolutely loved it!

This book is very informative and gives a great insight into the Easter celebrations.  It is certainly well put together and an easy book to read to younger kids between 7 to 9 years of age group.  This book describes Easter and its importance in Christianity. This holiday celebrates Jesus Christ and his resurrection from the dead. Christians feel a lot of hope from his rebirth. It is called a “movable feast,” because it doesn’t fall on a same day every year and it always falls between March 21 and April 25. Easter celebrates the return of life, for Jesus and earth. People use symbols to remember what Easter means. The egg has always reminded people of new life and hence Egg is an Easter symbol. The cross and white lilies are also symbols of Easter.

This book explains the week before Easter is Holy week, beginning with Palm Sunday. It is when Christians think about the events that led to the resurrection. Holy week begins with remembering Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. Holy week ends with the following Saturday with Jesus in the tomb. Many Christian churches hold services during holy week. People light candles, sing hymns, and say prayers. In some countries, like Mexico, people march in Parades. Thousands may come to watch actors reenact Jesus’ last days and death. People often attend church on Easter Sunday. Religious leaders speak about the meaning of the Resurrection. Christians believe Jesus died for their sins and they will join him one day in heaven. Some churches also hold sunrise services outdoors. As the sun comes up, it is a wonderful reminder of the resurrection.

Illustrations used in this book are super cute and cartoon art enhances the overall look of this book. I love how pink colour is used in the theme throughout the book which gives it a fairy tale like touch. Book has pastel-coloured cartoon images of Easter eggs, a kid dressed up like the Easter bunny, and a cross decorate the cover of Easter, part of the Holidays and Celebrations series. Perky chapter titles like “He Has Risen!” and “Let the Good Times Roll”. It is a great book to introduce Easter stories and traditions to young children. And they’ll discover why eggs and chicks are symbols of the holiday and learn an Easter prayer, plus find related craft activities. Each title ends with a “Joining in the Spirit of . . .” section, which presents four tips for making the holiday memorable. Author has shared craft activities of making an Edible Bird’s nest and how to make an Easter-Egg shell Mosaic which will excite the kids to take the challenge and it is a great activity to try during Easter celebrations.

I enjoyed reading this book and found it very informative and would highly recommend to all. I had a very little knowledge about Easter before reading this book so it was wonderful reading it and I would love to read more and more books written by Trudi Strain Trueit. This book is a perfect way to get ready to celebrate the Easter season.

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