Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day by Joy Vandertuin and Michelle Hill– BOOK REVIEW – RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ

Drumroll, please!  A brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read is here!! This is an exciting moment for us and we’re overjoyed to announce Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day by Joy Vandertuin and Michelle Hill has won the Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read status!

We hope you and your family enjoy reading this book as much as we did!




Gizelle's Silly, Soggy DayGizelle the silly sheep is about to find out who her real farm friends are when she wanders from the flock and falls through a bridge into a rushing creek during a rainstorm. Gizelle’s fleece soaks up the rainwater and she finds herself stuck at the bottom of the creek. She can’t get up!

The flock’s watchdog, a border collie named Gracie, gets to work right away. She calls the other farm critters to come rescue Gizelle but these animals are natural enemies and really don’t want to get near each other. But the critters learn to work together for a common cause as they take turns squeezing the water from Gizelle’s soggy fleece in their own unique ways.

In Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day geared for ages 3-5, Gizelle learns that day that differences can become strengths when threatening circumstances arise. The lesson your kids will gain from this book is that all types of people, no matter their skin color, or where they live, or how they look, can work together for a common cause.


About the Author

Joy VanDertuin BIO: After a grand mal seizure in 1996, Joy needed connection with the outside world during her recovery. Raising twelve young children at the time and not being able to drive for a year, depression started to set in. She knew she had to do something. One day she found a stray injured bunny and called an animal rehabber. She was ultimately licensed by the state of Texas and lovingly rehabbed both wild and domestic abandoned and injured animals. Joy clearly recalls how much her hard work helped with her own rehab from her seizure. In earlier years, Joy and her husband Rod found their life’s mission in adopting harder-to-place children. With three biological sons, they adopted ten abandoned and abused babies and toddlers of various ethnic backgrounds from two weeks to four years old. Joy is a Christian who understands what it means to depend on God through every circumstance.
Michelle Hill BIO:
Michelle Hill is Your Legacy Builder at Winning Proof. She’s a ghostwriter, book collaborator, and book coach for sports and business professionals, with 25+ years of writing experience. Michelle knows something about overcoming obstacles and gaining yardage during life’s fouls and fumbles through tenacity, determination, and courage. Michelle understands the importance of seizing winning opportunities during major life transitions. Michelle helps her clients write and publish championship-quality books so they can increase visibility, establish expert status, and create a strong legacy. Michelle’s clients include pro athletes, sports agents, coaches, and performance trainers. Michelle has been a born-again Christian for 44+ years and her relationship with Christ permeates everything in her life.
How to Connect with the Authors:
Joy VanDertuin
Michelle Hill

Here’s our Review

Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day is the endearing story of a fat, fluffy and silly little sheep named Gizelle.

Gizelle was different from other sheep. She was never quite in step with the rest of her flock. She liked to explore the world around her and was not afraid to stand out from the other sheep. She loved climbing across the bridge to munch the juicy patch of grass. On one sunny day in the spring, Gizelle was out for her adventure but suddenly the weather changed. It started to rain and rain. The heavy rain poured down on Gizelle making her fleece wetter and heavier. Gizelle was afraid when thunder boomed and jagged lightning bolts
lit up the sky and wanted to get back to the barn. Just when she was about to cross the bridge, she fell into the rushing creek. She tries to get up but all efforts are in vain. Gizelle called out for help. Will anybody hear her cries and comes to her rescue? Grab your copy to find out!

The first thing I have to say is that the illustrations in this book are VERY well done! No child will be disappointed with them. (Or adult for that matter.) We love the themes of celebrating differences in this book. It makes kids want to accept others as well as the differences in themselves. It is really important to get this message to young kids at a young age. This exciting and gorgeously illustrated story shows how being different is no bad thing, and can lead to lots of fun and friendship.


What we love about the book:

  • Beautifully illustrated in stunning detail.
  • An engaging picture book with a story to which all kids can relate.
  • A great conversation starter to discuss diversity, patience, differences, and how differences can become a strength
  • Great for bedtime, reading aloud, group discussion, and improving children’s own reading skills.
  • Includes a few challenging words which offer wonderful opportunities for vocabulary enrichment.
  • Ideal for children ages 3-8.
  • Makes a thoughtful gift.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming book that will teach your child important concepts while remaining fun to read, then Gizelle’s Silly, Soggy Day is for you. This engaging story will become a treasured part of your bookshelf which you and your kids will want to read again and again.

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