The Magic Ear

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The Magic Ear!

Book by Laura Langston

Review By Fatima Khan, Associate Producer,

This book is amazing!!! The Magic Ear is a story of goodness and kindness. This will be a popular read-aloud for kids above the aged between 7 and 9. It will have great appeal for kids who enjoy a happily-ever-after stories. Parents will also enjoy reading this book with kids as the story line is interesting and as a reader you will be curious to know what happens next.

This is a story of true nobility and the importance of respect for all life and to be humble. It revolves around a guy named Hoderi who is poor but honest young peasant who works in the garden of the local nobleman. One morning, he saves the life of the daughter of the undersea king. As a reward he is given a magical shell, called “The Magic Ear” which allows him to understand the talk of creatures. Using this gift, he discovers that there is much to learn from the animals and he hopes that by listening to them, he will save the life of an earthly princess.

The illustrations given by Victor Bosson are beautiful and supports the story amazingly well. The best thing about the book is that it gives an important message through Hoderi’s character to kids that one should help others in need without expecting them to do something for you in return and that God will always reward you for the good deeds you have done.

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