Gurk & Whale (The Rose Mane Arrows)

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Gurk & Whale (The Rose Mane Arrows)

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Andi Katsina

Today at Reading with Your Kids Podcast we are joined by Andi Katsina, an author of Gurk & Whale(The Rose mane Arrows). She has written more than twenty books for children. She is with us to talk about her book, her life journey and how she became a writer.

Andi grew up in orphanage in Manchester, England.  She began writing at age 9, spending hours losing herself in writing plays, which she became rather good at.  She wrote so prolifically as a way of escaping the dread situation of her life in an orphanage. Six years and dozens of plays later, she had to give up writing to concentrate on surviving.

Picking up her pen once more, almost twenty years ago; She began writing under my own name in 2006. Gurk & Whale [The Rose Mane Arrows] was the result. This amazing epic fantasy is one you shouldn’t miss!

Gurk & Whale is a story about a team of four people, three men, one woman, and their organic database, in the form of two androids, the female Ou, and male, Nee, who come from the world next to our world. They enter through an ice portal deep below the Atacama Desert, adjacent to the ocean’s Atacama Trench. They are a team of pollution surveyors. They have come to our world to obtain Rose Mane Arrows, which they will use to kill the seven headed Septiphasian, nearing its fourth, spawning, stage of development. The beast feeds on pollution from our world that leaks down to their world through the ocean floor.

Stay tuned as Andi talks about her book & her love for her readers. You will be sure to fall in love with an ancient, mystical underwater creature of pure goodness, the Mane, existing only in the waters of the Galapagos Rise, north of the Tropic of Capricorn… The forging of the Rose Mane Arrows… A trek into the Rain Forest… The rescuing of a Whale… A voyage through the secret labyrinth below the Atacama Desert… Passage through the hidden Ice Portal into the world next to our world… A battle against the seven headed Septiphasian …and much much more!

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