Lily and the Paper Man

Lily and the Paper Man

Book by Rebecca Upjohn

Review by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer,

It’s a wonderful story to inspire kindness and Compassion!

Lily and the paper Man is a simple yet engaging story about a young girl named Lily. While out with her mother on the way home from school one day, Lily encounters an untidy-looking man selling papers on the street. Lily is afraid of the man at first and convinces her mother to take a bus everyday in order to avoid him. When winter comes and the first snowfall arrives, she wants to walk again. When she sees the paper man again, she notices that he is not very well dressed and he is not wearing socks, she can see his toes through the holes in his shoes. Then Lily starts to notice how cold he looks in the icy cold weather. Lily asks her mother why the paper man has no socks. Her mother tell her he does not have warmer clothes and they are lucky to have so much.

That night while Lily lies in her warm bed at night, she wonders about the Paper Man and how he stays warm. Lily comes up with an idea and overcomes her fear. She makes a plan with her parents to buy clothes, socks, a hat, scarf and mittens for the homeless paper man. She introduces herself to the paper man and finds out his name is Ray. She gives him everything in her bag, even her quilt that her grandmother made her when she was little. The homeless man is very thankful, telling Lily he has not been this warm in a long time which makes Lily very happy!

This book is very engaging and author has used simple language which makes it appropriate for very young readers. This story can also be a great tool in fostering compassion and empathy into young children. Illustrations are lovely and colourful and facial expressions of each character is captured perfectly. Over all I loved the book!! it’s a heart warming story and gives a wonderful message of transforming feelings of empathy and kindness into action and making a difference to someone’s life.

Highly recommended!!

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