Amelia Frump & Her Peanut Butter Loving, Overactive Imagination

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Reading with Your kids Podcast Featuring Debbie Roppolo

We are incredibly excited to welcome Debbie Ropolo on Reading with your kid’s podcast! She is the author of Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving Imagination, and Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving Imagination is cooking up a Peanut Butter Storm, winner of a Purple Dragonfly Book Award (2013) both books are published by DWB Children’s Line.

Roppolo’s stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and in several of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Cooking is her second passion, and she is an award-winning baker, and a field editor for Taste of Home magazine. Married for over twenty years, she now resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband John, and two children, Jonathan and Joseph.

Amelia Frump is a great book for children who are struggling to deal with their fears and the need to fit in with their peers. Amelia Frump has a problem: an overactive imagination that sometimes gets her into trouble. One night, as the winds howl through the treetops, Amelia sees a spooky, bony finger tapping on the glass outside her bedroom window. Can her wild imagination save her in time, or will she be the final ingredient in a Grubby Sock Casserole? Grab your copy on Amazon today to find out!

Debbie Roppolo talks about our favourite peanut butter loving girl who is at it again! This time she’s written a cookbook chocked full of recipes using… what else? Peanut butter, of course! Amelia also included some fun things to do, like puzzles and mazes, and some fun facts about peanut butter. With this cookbook, every kid will be in the kitchen cooking up some peanut butter fun for the whole family! This book is a second-place winner of the 2013 Purple Dragonfly Award.

Tune in as Debbie talks about her books, her favorite character in the book and similarities between Amelia’s and her character. She remembers being a sassy, adventurous girl just like Amelia in her book who enjoyed “thinking outside the box”. Instead of playing Barbie, there were tea parties with her ponies or chickens, and Bantam hens wore the latest in doll clothes fashion.

Listen as she also talks about the peanut butter recipes in her book as it makes good fun for the entire family with recipes like “The Jelly is Runny, The Banana is Slimy” Banana Bread; Libba’s “Dab of this, swash of That”; plus lots of puzzles and information that will keep your child busy in the kitchen and out. Be sure to listen & enjoy!

Finally, where can we find Debbie?


Click here to visit her Amazon Page


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