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Meet Kishmi Davis, Author of Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket

Hello there! Today, we’re absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to introduce debut author Kishmi Davis. Kishmi is joining us to talk about her first children’s book Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket. Listen in Kishmi have a heart to heart conversation with Jed about her book & shares some of her thoughts on writing this lovely little gem of a book. Be sure to join in…

More about Kishmi Davis:

Kishmi Davis was born and raised in Corsicana, Texas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English. Prior to attending Sam Houston State, she also graduated from Navarro College with an Associate’s of Arts degree in Radio/TV/ Film. She teaches seventh grade English Language Arts and currently lives in Ellis County with her three children. Kishmi Davis writes funny fiction about children and their interaction with technology.

Kishmi graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  Prior to that, she graduated from Navarro College with an Associate of Arts degree in Radio TV/Film.  She is a member of the North Star of Texas Writing Project, Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and Children’s Book Insider.

More about Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket

School’s out, and summer begins. Just like most families, this bunny family looks forward to playing online games, using social media, and watching funny YouTube videos; however, things take a drastic turn. Instead of staring at devices all summer, they’re forced to find creative and entertaining ways to interact.



Tune in to this episode as Jed & Kishmi discuss Wi-Fi kicked the Bucket, What inspired her to write this story. Kishmi explains how important it is to limit screen time for your kids & advises parents to encourage their kids to do healthy fun such as getting exercise through outdoor games or sports, engaging in creative play & spending time with family & friends.

Listen to this episode as Kishmi tells us how her book teaches children to use their imagination and gets them to play outdoors You will be amazed!

To learn more about Kishmi Davis

Go to www.kishmidavis.com

Twitter: @KishmiDavis

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kishmidavisbooks

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/kishdavis/



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